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BLOOD DONATION 2023 sibmb August 21, 2023 event BLOOD DONATION Date – 31st July 2023 The Blood Donation Drive 2023 was conducted by the Social Responsibility Committee on July 31st, celebrating the birthday of Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, the beloved founder of Symbiosis Society. The idea behind the theme for this year, The Red Pledge’, was […]

Convoke 2023

Convoke 2023 sibmb May 22, 2023 event Convoke – Bangalore City Meet 2023 was held on the picturesque campus of SIBM Bengaluru on April 22nd. The event brought together alumni from various industries and backgrounds, all eager to reconnect and share their experiences. The day started with opening keynotes from the President and the Vice […]

The Big Fight

The Big Fight sibmb April 17, 2023 event The best manager event of SIBM Bengaluru is an exciting and competitive event that brings together students who are passionate about management and leadership. This event is designed to showcase the best of managerial skills and provide a platform for students to demonstrate their abilities and compete […]

Cranium Crusherzz

Cranium Crusherzz sibm bengaluru

Cranium Crusherzz sibmb April 17, 2023 event SIBM Bengaluru’s intra-college business quiz competition, Cranium Crusherzz, strives to spread and enrich understanding of all the key developments in the business world. This year, the competition took place on 13th & 14th December 2022. It gave students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and compete with the […]

Alchemy 2022

Alchemy 2022 sibm bengaluru

Alchemy 2022 sibmb April 17, 2023 event SIBM Bengaluru hosted Alchemy 2022-23, The Annual Management Conclave on the 24th and 25th of November. This year’s theme was ‘Harnessing Contemporary Trends’ and the panel themes revolved around Digital Innovation, The Art of Visual Storytelling and Nurturing Entrepreneurship.Some of the eminent speakers that graced the event with […]


Exordium 22 sibm bengaluru

Exordium’22 sibmb April 17, 2023 event Exordium is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events of the academic year. It’s a days long tournament and Exordium 2022 consisted of sports like football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, chess and carrom. The theme for this year was “Juniors VS Seniors”.The event aims to improve […]


Utthaan 2022 Poster sibm bengaluru

Utthaan’22 sibmb April 17, 2023 event UTTHAAN, the flagship event of Social Responsibility Committee, as the name suggests aims to empower children with skills, learning and knowledge. The kids are invited at the campus and are exposed to plethora of activities which nurture, encourage and entertain them. This year around 140 kids joined us. The […]



Samaagam’22 SIBMB April 17, 2023 event “Samaagam” stands as the revered annual alumni reunion of SIBM-Bengaluru, our flagship event that brings together esteemed alumni to reconnect with their academic roots and reflect on their MBA journey. This meticulously organized occasion, facilitated by the institution, acts as a platform where distinguished alumni can rekindle connections with […]

Utopia ’22


Utopia ’22 sibmb April 10, 2023 event Utopia is the Annual International Cultural event of SIBM Bengaluru, which aims to foster cultural relationships between Symbiosis and other national and international universities. The event is celebrated on the birthday of the beloved founder of Symbiosis Society, Dr. S.B. Majumdar, and celebrates their motto – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam,” […]

Management Day’23

Management Day’23 sibmb August 21, 2023 event SIBM Bengaluru hosted the 14th Management Day of the institute on 15th March 2023. The event was to felicitate the academic and non-academic award winners for the year and present the Alumni Achievers Award. The Student Leadership Council 2023-24 was officially announced during the event, followed by the […]