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“Samaagam” stands as the revered annual alumni reunion of SIBM-Bengaluru, our flagship event that brings together esteemed alumni to reconnect with their academic roots and reflect on their MBA journey. This meticulously organized occasion, facilitated by the institution, acts as a platform where distinguished alumni can rekindle connections with former classmates, establish new bonds, and strengthen their enduring relationship with the institute.

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This event is carefully curated, offering a blend of diverse activities designed to cater to the varied interests of our accomplished alumni. Faculty gatherings provide a valuable opportunity for alumni to reconnect with former professors and mentors, offering a platform to share post-SIBM-Bengaluru experiences, celebrate achievements, and seek guidance for their professional journey.

Set within the serene ambiance of The Collab Cafe, alumni are invited to engage in informal and enriching conversations, reconnecting with peers, exchanging business insights, and exploring new avenues for collaboration and mutual growth. Additionally, our thoughtfully curated games and activities aim to foster teamwork, enhance communication, and nurture leadership skills—critical for success in any professional arena.

The event crescendos with an exuberant DJ night, inviting alumni to dance, revel in music, and create unforgettable memories with friends and colleagues. The evening features captivating performances staged by various clubs and committees, offering a vibrant glimpse into the talents and interests that define our current student body, showcasing the thriving campus life at SIBM-Bengaluru.

In essence, Samaagam is a transcendent evening that cultivates a profound sense of community and belonging among cherished alumni. It serves as a conduit for fostering enduring relationships with dedicated faculty and promotes interactions that transcend generational boundaries, resulting in a robust and supportive professional network united by a shared commitment to excellence and accomplishment.

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