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Research is without a doubt the fulcrum for the academic community. It is as important for an academic organization, as it is for the personal growth of academicians. SIBM-Bengaluru recognizes this completely and accords the highest importance to excellence in research, which is evident in its policy as well as practice.

Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI) is the dedicated department of SIU for promoting and facilitating research among students and faculty. SCRI inculcates a thriving culture of research, which facilitates researchers to achieve excellence in their work, which eventually translates SIU’s vision of creation of knowledge for the benefit of the society into reality. SIBM-Bengaluru has imbibed SIU’s ethos towards excellence in research and the research environment at the institute is driven by the SIU Research Policy outlined here:


      The research activities of SIBM-Bengaluru are initiated and managed by the SIBM-Bengaluru Publication and Research Center (SPaRC). SPaRC is an initiative to inculcate an environment of quality research at SIBM-B. The centre strives to fulfill SIU’s commitment towards research that is socially relevant, locally need-based, nationally important and globally significant. The research center aims at providing a platform and organizing activities to engage and encourage faculty and students to pursue high-quality research. The idea behind the center is to provide all possible support at the institution level to augment research output, while steadily progressing towards research that creates impact for the economy, society, business and policy.

  • Provide a Platform for High-Quality Research: SPaRC aims to establish a conducive platform for both faculty and students to engage in and pursue high-quality research endeavors.
  • Create Impact for Economy, Society, Business, and Policy: The overarching goal of SPaRC is to progress towards research that creates a tangible impact on the economy, society, business, and policy.
  • Support Augmentation of Research Output: SPaRC is dedicated to providing support to faculty and students, facilitating the augmentation of their research output through various means and resources.
  • Promote Socially Relevant Research: SPaRC strives to fulfill SIU’s commitment to research that is not only socially relevant but also addresses local needs, holds national importance, and bears global significance.

Elevating Excellence Through Research at SIBM-Bengaluru

Research is the fulcrum of the academic community, essential for both academic organizations and the personal growth of academicians. At SIBM-Bengaluru, we recognize the significance of research, evident in our policy and practice.

Mission and Commitment

The SIBM-Bengaluru Publication and Research Center (SPaRC) is dedicated to fostering an environment of quality research. SPaRC aligns with SIU’s commitment to socially relevant, locally need-based, nationally important, and globally significant research.

Workshops and Programs

SPaRC organizes the following workshops/seminars for faculty at SIBM-B

Brown Bag Seminars

In-house research seminars where faculty members present their research ideas followed by discussion and feedback sessions.

Research Camps

Intensive research discussions on research ideas, work-in-progress or completed research of faculty spread over 1-2 days.

Quest Sessions

In-house sessions/workshops for knowledge sharing among faculty members, towards developing and enhancing their research/teaching capabilities. This introduces faculty to innovative techniques/new technology/best practices in teaching and research.

Student Research Assistant (SRA) Program

The SRA program was instituted with the objective of encouraging students to work under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students are selected through a rigorous process to assist faculty in their research areas. Research generated through this program is presented in national and international conferences of premier institutions and/or published.

Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)

SPaRC in collaboration with Symbiosis Teaching and Learning Resource Centre (STLRC) also organizes joint FDPs for upskilling faculty in pedagogical as well as research domains.

For more information about SPaRC and its activities, please contact: