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“Collaborate. Innovate. Elevate: SIBM’s Committees Paving the Path to Excellence.”

Academic Program Committee
The Academic Program Committee aims to create high standards of academic rigor by creating an ecosystem that facilitates learning and by formulating an academic curriculum that matches industrial expectations. As a part of the student council at SIBM Bangalore, this team supports various academic tasks and processes that are vital to the institute’s reputation. The APC functions as an autonomous student body along with the support of the Director and faculty. This collaboration of efforts and ideas gives this team a holistic understanding of the academic needs of the institution. The committee strives to create synergy between the academic experience at SIBM-B and the multi-faceted industry.
Objectives of the committee:
  • Providing academic support in addition to classroom teaching through mentorship programs.
  • To meet industrial expectations through specialised training programs. (e.g.: SPSS, Prowess etc.)
  • Ensuring that academic schedules are adhered to.
  • Ensuring discipline inside classrooms.
  • Providing guidance for the preparation of Summer Internship Programs
The Big Fight: The best manager event of SIBM Bengaluru is an exciting and competitive event that brings together students who are passionate about management and leadership. This event is designed to showcase the best of managerial skills and provide a platform for students to demonstrate their abilities and compete against their peers. The event typically includes a range of activities, such as case studies, simulations, role-playing, and team challenges. These activities are designed to test the participants’ problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and strategic thinking, among other key managerial competencies.
CV Enhancement Drive: CV is the first point of contact between you and the company, recruiter or industry. It is your calling card and your introduction to the professional world at large. APC, in addition to providing a detailed guideline on the nuances of crafting a CV, conducts interactive review sessions for continual enhancements. Mentorship Program: Providing a mentorship program to the students for exam preparation conducting the explanatory and revision class sessions for subjects for the final exams. Pratishthan, the B Plan challenge: Pratishthan is the annual Business plan challenge conducted in Revelation (The cultural and Management Festival) where participants from various institutes and cities come and present their business ideas. The focus is to explore entrepreneurial mind-set and understand entrepreneurial behaviors & skills. EXCELeRATION:  Excel is one of the primary skills to have for budding managers trying to reshape the future. The Academic Program Committee organizes a competition testing the depth and width of the skills and knowledge of Excel. Mock GD/PI:  Conducting Mock Group discussion and Personal Interview sessions for the students to help prepare for the Placement and internship process. Teacher’s Day: September 5th, the annual Teacher’s Day celebration where the students show their respect and appreciation to the faculty and staff. Including the fun and intellectual activities involving the faculty and the staff including both indoor and outdoor activities.
Coordinator: Yash Tandale
Mobile: +91 8369565206
Abhinav Prakash
Aditi Jain
Basty Ananth Shenoy
Deekshaa Dey
Jainam Jigneshbhai Shah
Pritanjali Tyagi
Shubhada Chavan
Sowmya P
Subham Bhalotia
Yashi Singh
Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee: Team ADCOM
We are the first “touch point” for any candidate of SIBM Bengaluru, and hence we act as a bridge between the prospective candidates and the Institute. Apart from the predominant responsibility of facilitating the smooth process of admissions of the incoming batch, our team undertakes various brand-building campaigns through a variety of forums and tie-ups with coaching Institutes across the country.
The major initiatives of The Admissions Committee can be clearly defined as: Buddy Groups & City Meet – We create an informal and casual platform, the WhatsApp groups for the prospective candidates where they can ask all sort of doubts, silly and serious, to clear their confusion before they join the institute. We also meet the upcoming batch personally in various cities across India to inculcate a feeling of belongingness in them right before they start the rigorous journey of MBA with us here at SIBM Bengaluru. Ice-Breaking Sessions  – Once the academic year begins, Team ADCOM conducts a series of induction tasks that are inclusive in nature and bring the entire new batch closer among themselves and the institute. These tasks enable them to form friendships that develop into an everlasting bond and prepare them for the upcoming MBA rigor. Social Media Presence – One thing which connects the world is the internet. Our committee represents SIBM Bengaluru on various social media platforms like Facebook, PaGaLGuY, Shiksha, etc. We keep the candidates updated about all important dates regarding the SNAP exam and college details. Moreover, any queries regarding the admission process which are posted by the applicants are clarified immediately by our team. We are also responsible for promoting our college on various educational websites and YouTube channels to ensure the presence of our institute over various online portals with the updated figures and stats. City Visit & SNAP – Our Team visits different coaching centres across India right before SNAP with a purpose of interacting with the MBA aspirants and give them a glimpse of our institute. We also educate them regarding the SNAP exam and share some tips to CRACK the same. GE-PIWAT – This is ADCOM’s flagship event. Our team designs the admission brochure and conceptualizes the whole GE-PIWAT process for the upcoming batch. We do our best to provide an amazing experience to the students and we try to raise the standard of our admission process every year by smoothly conducting it with proper execution of various rounds in a timely and accurate fashion. Adding to the fun side, we organize the highly anticipated annual video gaming event – GAME-A-THON, which includes games like Mortal Kombat X, FIFA 19, WWE, etc that give all the gaming enthusiasts an opportunity to showcase their skills.
Coordinator: Vaishnavi R                
Mobile: +91 9787579316
Abhirup Chakraborty
Harsh Agarwal
Ishika Gulati
Ojasvi Dhar
Sejal Singh
Shivansh Joshi
Alumni Committee
If there is one phrase or term that best describes this committee, it would be ‘CONNECTING PEOPLE’. When a student enters the college, the Alumni Committee ensures a connection to the college, even beyond the 2 years of the program.  We help the Alumni bolster the link with their alma mater. A glance at our avocations: SAMAAVESH – Is the Alumni Induction for the incoming batch conducted annually. Through the event, we try to give the new batch a flavour of what is in store for them by introducing them to some of our esteemed alumni who guide them on career prospects and personal fronts. SAMAAGAM – Is the flagship annual alumni meet hosted on college premises. It gives alumni a chance to revisit their Alma Mater and relive the beautiful 2 years of their MBA Life. Not only does it facilitate interaction amongst all batches, but it also serves as a medium for strengthening the bond with the present faculty. CONNEXIO – The International Alumni Conclave is a unique event aimed at leveraging our rich International Alumni Network. Through keynote addresses and panel discussions, the event provides a common platform for our alumni from all over the world to share their views and advice on a variety of topics, including career growth, personal growth, and changes in the global business landscape and our students to learn and gain an international perspective. CONVOKE –  alumni chapter meets, and attempts to keep the nexus of alumni located in the different regions connected. These meetings aim to strengthen the alumni network in different parts of the country, unite our alumni community, and provide updates on their alma mater. We have two chapters- Bengaluru and Delhi. ALUMNI GUEST SESSIONS – This initiative aims to provide insights before the current batches actually step into the corporate world. Guest Sessions are structured to provide domain-specific knowledge to students from industry experts in our Alumni network. The guest session is undertaken for every specialization that students intend to take. ALUMNI ACHIEVERS AWARD – Alumni are the face of the college in the corporate world. Their performance at work brings reputation and goodwill to our college. To celebrate our alumni’s progress and achievements in their careers, we endow our esteemed alumni with the aforementioned awards in different categories, such as Corporate Excellence and Entrepreneurship. NEWSLETTER (ALMA PULSE) – We endeavour to keep our alumni abreast of the latest developments in the college by regularly updating them through our monthly newsletter.  YEARBOOK – The Alumni Committee presents a token of remembrance from SIBM-B to the parting batch as a Yearbook. Besides the activities mentioned above, the Alumni committee maintains a database containing our Alumni’s details. The sole purpose of maintaining such a vast database is to reach them with ease. The Alumni Committee functions as a one-stop helpdesk for all the queries and requests of the Alumni. We address all the Alumni queries with utmost priority, in a timely and satisfactory manner, through both online and offline media. Apart from these, the alums actively participate in the admission process, curriculum development, ScaLe-entrepreneurship cell, placement assistance, project guidance, and mentoring the current batch across the year. The Alumni Committee is guided by faculty who work closely with the Symbiosis Center for Alumni Engagement (SCAE) at the University level to implement alumni engagement activities. The Institute alums have access to the SCAE alumni portal. All the events are disseminated through the institute website, SCAE portal, and newsletter (Alma Pulse). The institute also maintains a database of all its alumni and continuously engages them in all the events conducted at the institute. The Alumni Committee functions as a one stop helpdesk for all the queries and requests of the Alumni. We address all the Alumni queries with utmost priority, in a timely and satisfactory manner, through both online and offline media.
Coordinator: Mr. Kaustubh Kadam
Mobile: +91 9175612526
Amogh Kulkarni
Anushka Bera
Isha Keskar
Ishan Agarwal
Kanika Khanna
Muskaan Arora
Prateek Mishra
Simran Satija
Conferences and Events Committee
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi The Conferences and Events Committee strives to stand by this quote by organizing various corporate events and guest sessions throughout the academic year with dedication and discipline. ‘Alchemy’, the annual management conclave of the institute and the flagship event of the committee, witnesses discussions with great minds from some of the most prestigious organizations. Through these knowledgeable events and sessions, the committee aims to instill key skills like leadership, problem-solving, and time management in the students, which would help them excel in the corporate world. Freshers’- Freshers’ is an excellent opportunity for students to expand their network bandwidth and gain valuable insights into their academic or professional journey. Razzle Dazzle – Freshers’22 was highly engaging with fun activities surrounding the event, which created unforgettable memories and provided a surreal experience. In the event, the junior batch was encouraged to get to know the senior batch by teaming up with them as they obtained guidance that eased their MBA journey. Alchemy Debate Alchemy Debate is a highly anticipated Debate Tournament at SIBM, Bengaluru. It is an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating event where participants engage in thought-provoking discussions and compete to showcase their debating skills. This year’s debate with the theme – ‘The Pursuit Of Dispute’ was held from the 14th to the 16th of November The event followed a structured format with rounds of debates, where teams or individuals took turns presenting their cases, countering opposing arguments, and engaging in rebuttals. The debates were moderated by experienced judges who evaluated the performances based on criteria such as content, delivery, and strategy. Alchemy SIBM Bengaluru successfully held its Annual Management Conclave, Alchemy, where students got to witness comprehensive panel discussions and speeches from enlightened and experienced corporate minds. The dynamics of the corporate world are changing rapidly. The digital age is upending long-established rules, norms, and practices. The global economy is moving away from traditional manufacturing and service-led models towards a new connected and collaborative paradigm that values speed, responsiveness, transparency, and innovation above all else. A lot of changes have taken place in the way businesses operate in the last decade. With several advancements in technology, there has been a shift towards a more collaborative organizational style where employees are more accessible online through different cloud storage systems. It will be important to have a workforce capable of working digitally and remotely, one that can quickly adapt to constantly changing demands, and one that is steadily increasing productivity. Technology will continue to be an enabler and a catalyst for innovation. For businesses, the way forward is to adopt digital transformation across their value chains to remain relevant and competitive in the digital age. Digital transformation is no longer just an idea or a buzzword, it’s the new normal for every company that wants to remain relevant in today’s increasingly digital world. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2022, AI alone could add $2 trillion to the global economy. That’s because companies that can harness the power of artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies will have a competitive edge over their rivals. It is pretty evident that product and marketing decisions today need to be data-driven. This hitherto futuristic idea has been converted into a universal necessity by several forces that cut across sectors and geographical boundaries. Skill-up: A Workshop Series Skill-Up is an online workshop based on case study competitions. The Case study workshop invited winners of various case competitions to interact with the students and share their valuable insights on how to tackle and learn from case study competitions. It sparked remarkably unique or new perspectives from the speakers. The aim was to achieve a better understanding when approaching a case study competition. The speakers also shared their strategies to excel in solving the decision at hand. Innovator’s Edge 2022: An Entrepreneur’s Story Entrepreneur’s Story 2022 was successfully conducted online with the theme “Innovator’s Edge 2022”. The event was graced by Mr. Aswini Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer of Leverage Growth, a finance trainer who served as a corporate coach at TATA Interactive Systems, Volvo-Eicher Motors, Century Ply Grasim, GRSE, and Quaker Chemicals. The session was enriching and fruitful, with the students getting insights from his entrepreneurial journey. Inter-College Competitions and Events: The committee hosts various inter-college events and competitions throughout the year and acts as a bridge between SIBM Bengaluru and other B-schools. The events and competitions range from Case Studies, Article Writing, Cultural events, and Sports events, thus providing overall development to the students of SIBM Bengaluru. Intra-college events: We believe in the motto “Your network is your net worth” and conduct various events like Freshers’, Farewell, and Management Day to make sure the networking within students is well established across batches. While Freshers’ aim is to build connections between the junior and senior batches, Management Day is a prestigious event that marks the beginning of tenure for the new Student Leadership Council with their oath ceremony, Farewell. The Committee focuses every year on building a sense of connection across the batches in a creative manner. The farewell event for the MBA batch is a special occasion filled with mixed emotions of joy, nostalgia, and anticipation. It is a time to honor the hard work, dedication, and achievements of the graduating students.
Coordinator:Tyushi Kumar           
              Mobile: +91 9324157978
Aabhas Singla
Aditi Vinayak Ghare
Akshata Sharma
Prayashi Roychoudhury
Vinutna Kolachana
Corporate Relations And Placements Committee
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ”- A Chinese Proverb SIBM-Bengaluru strives to embody that very principle in life. From students to leaders, from learning to decision making and from aspiring to achieving. The act of moulding a wishful pupil into a forerunner, the journey of transformation requires a powerful catalyst. This is where the Corporate Relations and Placements Committee or as we fondly call it- ‘PLACECOM’ steps in. The Placecom at SIBM-Bengaluru is a voluntary organization of students. The committee is quintessentially devoted to the goal of helping each student in finding the right profile in the right company which shall not only help kick start a successful career but also lay the foundation for a successful life. The core functions of the Corporate Relations and Placements Committee include:
  • Facilitating Live Projects for students of the batch in collaboration with companies, spread across various sectors.
  • Facilitating Summer Internship Program for students of the batch and guiding them as to the choice of specialization to be taken in their 2nd year.
  • Inviting companies on campus for final placements for all students with special interest paid to the diversity in the skills, preferences and competencies of one and all.
  • Building and maintaining Corporate Relations with a wide range of companies spanning all sectors namely IT & ITES, Financial & Banking Services, Consulting, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom and others.
Members of Placecom live by the motto of ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ meaning ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ and envision to take SIBM-B to newer heights with every endeavour. Thus, the Placements Committee is the Ground Zero which facilitates to fusion opportunities of the industry and passion of the students at SIBM-B to create the business leaders of tomorrow.
Coordinator: Siddhant Dhawan 
Mobile: +91 6280933808 Coordinator: Aarancha Tyagi           
                   Mobile: +91 9910500931
Apoorva More
Charu Shmrithee R
Daris Davis
Gaurav Singh
Gayatri Pimprikar
Pragati Varshney
Pranay Ramchandani
Rupal Baid
Swapnil Singh Chauhan
Cultural and International Relations Committee
The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. At Cultural and International Relations Committee we believe in celebrating this beauty by constantly involving students at SIBM Bengaluru in a number of activities year-round and help the managers of tomorrow develop a new perspective of thinking, while also offering them a platform to showcase their inner creativity and talents. Cultural and International Relations Committee ensures that every event leaves an everlasting memory for the students and provides a perfect balance of fun and entertainment along with regular academia. Apart from this CIRC is also responsible in enhancing the global perspectives of students and increasing the global reach of brand SIBM-B by fostering and developing new ties with International universities. Events Organized by CIRC: Utopia: We believe in encouraging cultural relationships between Symbiosis and other international universities. Utopia is a one-of-a-kind annual cultural festival hosted by our institute for all the international students in and around Bengaluru. This event is celebrated on the birthday of our beloved founder of Symbiosis Society, Dr. S.B. Majumdar, and celebrating our motto of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam”. Intra-MUN: This is a one of a kind opportunity for SIBM-B students through which they can act as delegates of countries and help them understand the intricacies of existing world problems, geopolitical issues, and creating policies to tackle these issues. Revelation: SIBM-B’s Annual Flagship event, organized by CIRC is a three-day extravaganza that hosts various events in the verticals of Management, Cultural, Informal, and Sports. It is a mega event comprising of 21 individual competitions, where the participants coming from all across the nation battle it out to prove their mettle. Every year we witness increasing participation from students belonging to prestigious universities all over the country. SIBMB MUN: This annual event organized by CIRC is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students from various UG & PG institutes play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Section Wars: CIRC will be conducting an Inter-Section competition for the junior batch of SIBM-B, wherein students will represent their sections and compete intensely across various competitions in various tasks to earn the coveted title of “Best Section” and more importantly a lifetime of bragging rights. Student Exchange Program: CIRC helps students in gaining a rich and holistic experience by facilitating a smooth process of various Semester Exchange Programs for the senior batch and Summer School opportunities for the junior batch. The Student Exchange programs provide an added opportunity for an international learning experience from various prestigious universities around the globe. CIRC thus along with organizing thrilling management events, sports events, fun cultural events aims at bringing every young SIBM-B’er onto an international platform, backed with all the exposure, poise and integrity needed to achieve success in today’s dynamically evolving, and challenging corporate world.
Co-ordinator: Ayushi Kukreja       
Mobile: +91 8318944080
Abinash Mohanty
Bhavana Mhatre
Harshul Batra
Kratik Barodiya
Shiksha Ranjan
Swati Kandari
Vijay Meghana B
Yashaswi Bhatnagar
Public Relations, Media & IT Committee
A team of creative problem-solvers who work well under pressure, the Public Relations and Media Committee works on the principle of ‘earned media’. The committee garners media coverage for all the events of the college by creating and maintaining a cordial and healthy relationship with media personnel across various local and national media houses. PR is as much a science as it is an art and the duties of the committee are a perfect blend of the two worlds. From formulating an eclectic blend of strategies to ensure maximum visibility and success in reaching the target audience to actually creating effective, relatable and sometimes quirky promotional campaigns for the events of the college, this committee has the best of both worlds to offer. The team has some of the best writers and graphic designers of the college who are adept at formulating appealing PR strategies and managing the content that is posted on all the social media handles of the socially vibrant institute, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It works towards creating an effective channel of information through sharing of relevant and useful information on key topics like admissions and all the college events on social networks to engage the huge viewership that the social media handles of the college possess. Regarded as the face of the college, the committee has a track-record of successfully delivering on complex and challenging PR briefs – often characterised by high stakes and a sense of urgency. The Public Relations and Media Committee forms an essential part of the college and works cohesively with the administration and all the other committees and clubs to ensure that the brand SIBM B remains in good shape and the events of the college create the maximum buzz possible. Information Technology (IT): The role of the Information Technology Division is to advance the mission of the Institute by delivering best-of-class information technology systems and services to SIBM students, faculty, staff, and departments. We have a technology team of bright and enthusiastic individuals committed to providing the best service possible to the campus community. We deliver coordinated, consistent and high-quality customer services responsively and professionally. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide to resolving problems and meeting campus needs for information, support, and service. We take a broad approach that not just involves the computer Centre in the facility, but the infrastructure backup in the libraries, classrooms, hostels, video-conferencing facilities, Intranet and the Internet. The activities include but are not limited to- managing the network infrastructure in tandem with the authorities, developing and maintaining the college website, various portals etc. The Information Technology Division actively supports and encourages the effective use of technology among the SIBM-B community. Team PRMC dedicatedly provides able support to all other Committees and events being organized at SIBM-Bengaluru irrespective of the nature of the event.
Coordinator: Shivangi Gupta             
Mobile: +91 9549090100
Research Committee
Research Committee provides a conducive platform for students to enhance their knowledge and stay befitting in this competitive environment. The committee’s agenda is to make students understand the importance of Research in Management. The various events organized by the committee are designed in a way to bring out the researcher inside the student. We motivate students to write research papers and provide them with the necessary assistance in getting them published/presented at a conference. The aim of this committee is to encourage people to come out in the open and express their opinion and help the students gain recognition for the same. Orion is the annual research journal of SIBM Bengaluru, published by Research committee, which helps students to gain a good grasp on the core subjects and build their resumes. Students from SIBM Bengaluru write Research articles on any management related subject, which gets published in this Journal. An article written on a management subject after in-depth analysis enhances students’ knowledge base and adds value to their profile. As future managers, it is this clarity that will give students an edge over others and gain a place for them in the corporate world. Apart from Orion the committee oversees the publishing of “Perspectiva” – A case Research Journal published by SIBM B. The research articles in Perspectiva are written by Faculty members. Cranium Crusherzz  Welcome to the Quiz hub of SIBM B. Research committee is the official quiz master which conducts various quizzing events. Cranium Crusherzz is the internal B-quiz competition in which students of both the batches will participate. This gives the taste of how a proper Business Quiz looks like for newcomers, before participating in other national B-quiz competitions. SIP Experience The course starts from June and students will slowly get hauled into the flow of the on and off – classroom activities. When they gradually try to get along with the pace, swiftly the SIP process starts. Without Proper guidance they might feel that they have been led into a world of perplexity. Research Committee organizes “SIP experience “as a solution to this. This is the event through which the students from the senior batch share their Summer Internship experiences with the new batch, giving the first glimpse of the process, helping them comprehend what the Internship is all about and understand its importance. The basic objective is to acquaint the batch with the nuances and ideas to make students ‘SIP’ an asset for them in future. Symposio is the national level student research conference of SIBM Bengaluru is the flagship event of Research committee. “Symposio” attempts to capture the spirit of Innovation through stimulating discussions to scrutinize application of responsible innovation in the various pillars of management through white paper presentations and seminars. Competitors from across the country present their research work in front of the Judging panel and chief guest. This manifests the importance of Research in management. Concours is the biggest Quizzing event of SIBM Bengaluru organized by Research committee. A Huge number of students across the country participate in this event. This is conducted as a part of Revelation, the management fest of SIBM Bengaluru. It is a ‘Battle of Brilliance’. Regular Knowledge Based Activities Crux The basic imperative of an MBA student is knowing what’s happening around him. “Stay updated”- is the slogan that defines you as an MBA. Crux is the newsletter crafted by the committee for the consumption of the students, it covers major ongoing events in the management world combined with issues of academic importance so as to generate interest and create understanding for educative discourse. Synapse is the infographic created by the committee covering popular management buzzwords which is crafted in colourful templates so as to convey meaningful concepts in an interesting manner and provide information to the students and generate comprehensive awareness. InQUIZitive  is the quiz activity conducted by the committee regularly which revolves around interesting topics and events with an aim to generate inquisitiveness among the students and engage them in a productive and enjoyable indulgence. Thus, Research committee provides a platform to the students of SIBM Bengaluru to come forth and enhance their knowledge. Coordinator:Anchal Srivastava          Mobile: +91 6392886805 Email:
Social Responsibility Committee
The Social Responsibility Committee strongly believes that, as members of society, we have to contribute meaningfully to its growth and development. With this in mind, our objective is to facilitate and encourage the involvement of SIBM Bengaluru’s students in activities that promote social awareness and personal development while also projecting our institute as socially responsible. By organizing events and drives that benefit the community, we aim to positively impact the society around us while enriching ourselves and making a difference. Our collective contributions can help foster a more just, equitable, and prosperous society for all. Our committee, thus, facilitates activities and drives compliance with some of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Good health and well-being
  • Climate Action
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Reducing Inequalities
  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Our Endeavors: International Yoga Day On the occasion of International Yoga Day, June 21, a Yoga and Meditation session for the students and faculties of SIBM Bengaluru is conducted, taking inspiration from SDG3- Good Health and Well-Being. It is a day dedicated to promoting the practice of yoga as a means to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Symbriksha Symbriksha is an initiative by SIBM to spread awareness about the importance of tree plantations. The main motive for this endeavor is to imbibe the culture of tree plantation and tree maintenance to make our environment green. It aims to contribute back to Mother Earth and maintain its ecosystem. Blood Donation One does not need many resources to help someone. A simple act of kindness can go a long way toward saving not just one but many lives. One such act is giving blood—the life we carry in our veins. We can save three lives by donating only one unit of blood. We support this act of kindness every year on July 31. UTTHAAN The flagship event of our committee, Utthaan, aims to promote positive relationships for underprivileged and orphaned children and encourage each child’s sense of individual worth. The event also aims to foster a learning environment for the children while providing a platform to showcase their innate talent and abilities to the outside world. Interaction with these children on our campus aims to make the day memorable for them. Nukkad Natak A street play aimed at raising awareness about various societal issues or paying tribute to our martyrs, Nukkad Natak, is conducted annually in association with JZAA – the dramatics club. Old Is Gold is a bi-annual donation drive in March and November wherein the students donate their old stuff, which can be helpful for the less privileged. We Volunteer The event ‘We Volunteer’ aims to support the NGOs in areas where these organizations generally lack, such as social media handles, website handling, documentation, video editing, annual reports, content writing, and poster making. It opens an opportunity for the students to make use of their skills and assist those in need. Coordinator: Reshmakayathri C K                 Mobile: +91 9444083574 Email:
Student Welfare and Sports Committee
The primary objective of the Student Welfare and Sports Committee is to address and effectively solve various student-related matters. SWSC is a bridge between students and the authorities. The committee has to maintain a balance between the student’s demands/problems and the feasibility of solutions provided by authorities. The committee plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness, healthy competition, and teamwork by organizing various sports activities. Five prominent areas come under the purview of this committee. These are: Maintaining Discipline and Decorum in the College Premises: SWSC believes, “No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline”. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, and self-discipline is one of the key ingredients of success in life. So we try to imbibe a feeling of accountability in the students by showcasing that they are responsible in all ways for upholding the reputation of the Institute through their actions. Functioning of the Hostel/ Campus: Developing a suitable system in which complaints of students concerning hostel/campus infrastructure will be attended to by the maintenance staff within one working day, taking care of the needs of the students, and making suggestions to the management based on the same.
Functioning of the Mess/Cafeteria: Since food is the most primitive form of comfort, SWSC will strive hard to improve the quality and taste of food served in the mess and cafeteria. Complaints from students related to the mess facilities will be considered, and appropriate steps for solving them will be taken. Quality checks in the mess and cafeteria will be done regularly. The infrastructure of the Mess, Cafeteria, and Water requirements will be taken care of as well. Celebrating Festivals: As students belong to different states, countries, cultures, and religions, various on-campus events will be conducted that will represent different Indian/International festivals. These events will make students aware of other customs and develop unity and integrity among them. Various events- Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Navratri Puja, Gurpurab Langar, Christmas, Lohri, Holi, etc.—have already been slotted for this purpose. Other festivities can be added as per the requirements. Sports: s the name suggests, SWSC will plan, coordinate, and execute numerous sporting events. This will include organizing sports tournaments, matches, and leagues. The committee is responsible for managing the logistics of these events and arranging for equipment. The committee will establish the selection processes for the college teams and also coordinate with SIU for inter-college tournaments. Coordinator: B.H.Akash          Mobile: +91 9845653946 Email:



“Empower. Lead. Excel: Your Journey Starts Here at Clubs At SIBM Bengaluru .”

Datalytics – The Analytics Club
  • Analytics is not just a road to the future; it is also how we live in the present. From manufacturing
    and marketing to finance and human resource management, it has completely changed every sector
    of the economy. Being able to work with data is not only advantageous but also essential important
    given the growing significance of analytics!
  • The Datalytics Club was established in 2022 with the goal of fostering the future generation of
    analytics leaders. The aim of the club is to provide aspiring analytics enthusiasts with the business
    and technical abilities required to succeed in the data-driven world. The club’s mission is to educate
    members on the importance of analytics in a variety of businesses and to advance a data-driven
    approach to problem-solving.
  • The club focuses on technological advancement in analytics, business intelligence, data science, and
    big data by highlighting innovations, hosting guest lecturers, organizing pertinent workshops, and
    publishing interesting articles via the fortnightly newsletter.
  • Throughout the academic year, Datalytics hosts guest lectures where professionals from the
    analytics domain engage with students about the latest developments in the field.
  • The Datalytics Club publishes the fortnightly newsletter known as Datazine, which features a range
    of content including a mini crossword on various analytics and data science-related topics, a cheat
    sheet for coding and other analytics tools, a page dedicated to how analytics is incorporated in
    various management domains and a visualisation of current events in the world of data analytics.

The Geopolitical and Economics Club
  • GEOCON, the youngest club of SIBM-Bengaluru, aims at creating awareness about Geopolitical and Macroeconomic events around the world. Business students need to understand how geopolitical events affect companies, whatever their location, industry, or size while devising strategies.
  • By capturing the global economic outline, we are creating an ecosystem of holistic learning such that students have a 360-degree view on a particular topic.
  • The club releases bi-weekly Infographics, that includes crisp analysis of global and macroeconomic issues, to help students better understand the current global scenarios.
  • The club also conducts monthly interactive sessions to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of diverse global affairs.
  • GEOCON believes that being involved in the megatrends which are affecting civil society around the world will make the students relevant to the corporates.
  • The goal of the club can be summarized in 3 words:
  • Educate. Enlighten. Evolve.


Geocon Jayesh
SCALe – The Entrepreneurship Club
  • Symbiosis Center for Advanced Learning and Entrepreneurship believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting companies, but to create an innovative mindset to lead a pathway towards self-development.
  • Our vision is to make students ‘entrepreneurial’ in every work that they do. We hope to enable them to solve bigger challenges and contribute to society as we see students as the greatest capital and intend to nurture them, provide them with opportunities for excellence.
  • Apart from fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the campus, we bring one on one interviews conducted by the team with numerous Startup founders and CEOs through monthly newsletters.
  • With inter-college and intra-college business plan competitions, we take plans to the next level through creativity, pitchings, and presentations.
  • We at SCALe, try to create a wave of knowledge, self-starting, and learning.


ScaleDevareddy Sashank
Hippocampus – The Creatives Club of SIBM Bengaluru
  • When the stage is set, all one sees is the grandeur and opulence on display. Very often, one doesn’t notice or fully understand the effort that goes behind setting the stage. When one looks back and remembers an event, alongside the memories, one remembers the steady splash of colours that was around. Visual imagery is a strong sense of nostalgia and Hippocampus promotes that experience.
  • Hippocampus, the creatives club of SIBM Bengaluru works tirelessly, behind the scenes, all year long and uses its expertise to make banners, posters, ID cards, merchandise, digital marketing templates, certificates, display models, stage-decor and on-day photography and video shooting. The members of Hippocampus Club are inducted and trained in various photo and video editing software, origami, painting, drawing, photography and video making.
  • The creative minds of Hippocampus Club work relentlessly with the institute’s administration, various clubs and committees to make every event of SIBM Bengaluru a grand success.  The members of Hippocampus thus become default volunteers for events as grand as TEDxSIBMBengaluru.
  • For the upcoming year, Hippocampus is planning to widen its horizons with respect to the responsibilities undertaken and also to work towards branding SIBM Bengaluru in a bigger and better manner.


HippocampusMrinal Ranjan 
Opsession – The Operations Club of SIBM B
  • Opsession will focus on making students aware about the practices followed in Operations management and other functions related to it from an Indian industry perspective
  • When we watch a movie on the big screen, often, we make the mistake of attributing the entire credit to the lead actors. Glitz, glamour and visibility work to their advantage. But behind every great movie, there was a team that worked backstage to make it wonderful.
  • In many ways, the Operations function is also similar. While you might not hear of us or see us very often, we are omnipresent and almost indispensable. We observe, we document, we validate, we streamline, we standardise and we add value. And, no, we don’t stop there.
  • Kaizen. Continuous improvement. World – class standards don’t deter us, we better our past bests. We find it hugely stimulating to work in trenches, to enable and to add value, making sure that each area of the organisation functions the way it should. Operations by itself, in several ways, is the purest form of management. And at Opsession, we share a deep seated love for the subject and the function.
  • We aim to share, to learn, to rediscover and to employ Kaizen in its truest form.


PRISyM – The Marketing Club
  • It focuses on empowering SIBM-B students to be the most innovative and effective marketers in the industry. Our aim is to serve as an aid to those interested in careers in marketing and to provide them with the tools to be premiere candidates beyond the classroom.
  • We achieve our mission by providing access to resources, guidelines and a way to expand learning beyond the classroom; fostering connections among students through mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • SIBM-B students have been a part of the success stories in areas including brand management, tech marketing, retail management, product design, digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, service marketing, and B2B marketing for companies spanning from start-ups to multinationals.
FINERGY – The Finance Club
  • Finergy, the finance club of SIBM-B provides a platform for people interested in the field of Finance and Investment to multiply their knowledge through synergy and collaboration. The objective of the club is to understand the dynamic economic environment in India and the world. Based upon this, the members intend to gain market insights and a deeper understanding of the business environment.
  • From its inception the club has played a key role in connecting finance enthusiasts and providing a platform for knowledge sharing. It organizes regular sessions on relevant topics, be it hard core finance concepts or taking a global event and dissecting its various aspects. Members follow key economic indicators and generate insights based on analysis of past trends and patterns.
  • The club sends regular mails to the students to keep them updated about the events going on in the financial world. It also encourages students to take part in competitions in other B-Schools as well as guides them through the necessary preparation for them. In the past its members have brought in many glories to the college by winning in several prestigious B-school competitions. Apart from meetings, the club organizes several activities like quiz, case study competitions and stock simulation games throughout the year.
  • The club has come a long way from what it was in the start and it is growing to be bigger and better. It aims to collaborate with other finance clubs across B-schools to facilitate continuous flow of knowledge via sharing and learning.


Ensemble – The HR Club
  • Ensemble was founded in 2012 with the view to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This society is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. Ensemble conducts regular meetings with student aspiring to be HR professionals and encourages discussion and debate on current events and trends in the world of human capital management. Ensemble meetings are about the changing roles of HR, new developments in the field, career paths, internship experiences and guidance for laying the foundation of a promising career in human resource management. The club also assists students in gaining membership to national HR societies such as NHRD Network, ISTD and SHRM.
  • Objective
  • To foster more interaction among students, faculty and the industry while creating awareness and passion for the field of human resources
  • Goal
  • Promote industry best practices, enhance student knowledge of the human resource profession, connect with domain experts and inspire the need for change
  • Ensemble also collaborates with the human resources batch of SIBM Bengaluru to conduct Satkala, the annual corporate art exhibition, to offer corporate artists all over the city a chance to showcase their work. Entries are invited for photography, painting, sketching, sculpture, origami, glasswork, sand art and folk art. Serving as a corporate engagement event, the exhibition provides students the unique opportunity of interacting with talented professionals from all walks of corporate life.
  • Apart from these activities, Ensemble is also looking at conducting special leadership sessions by eminent personalities in the field of HR, and training members to participate in management competitions in and around the city of Bengaluru to increase students’ exposure and promote opportunities to grow their professional networks.
SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters Club
  • Toastmasters International is a world leader in Communication and Leadership development. It is a community of 3,52,000 members spread across 16,400 clubs in 141 countries.
  • The world needs leaders. Leaders head businesses, coach teams and mentor others. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program.
  • SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters Club began operations in 2011. The club was envisioned as a platform to provide students an opportunity to hone their public speaking skills and connect with corporates to share views, ideas and experiences. The Club meets once every week where members bring out the orators in them. Each meeting revolves around a chosen theme.
  • Members regularly visit corporate & academic clubs in Bengaluru such as IIM Bangalore, Infosys, Wipro, Siemens etc. to participate in their meetings and network with academicians & corporates. This provides members with a diverse & well-rounded experience preparing them for corporate life ahead.
  • SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters Club has a long history of mentoring students who are now leaders in the industry by providing a supportive and encouraging environment. It welcomes all who seek to realize their potential.
  • Every Toastmasters’ journey starts with a single speech!.


Saaz – The Music Club
  • The music club at SIBM-Bengaluru aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their musical talent on a continual basis.
  • We believe that it is essential to nurture the innate musical talent in everyone. This not only acts as a diversion from the busy professional schedules, but also inspires one to perform well in all aspects of life by serving as a morale booster.
  • The music club at SIBM-B has held jam sessions in the form of live karaoke wherein talented instrumentalists within college, come together and accompany singers. It also creates a light and elevating environment on campus that the audience can enjoy.
  • In the future, we aim at holding many such events. We also hope to provide a space for musicians aspiring to participate in inter-college competitions, to practice and perfect their skill.
  • Though in its initial year of inception, we hope that the music club at SIBM-B will hit high notes very soon!
“Jhankaar”- Bring out the dancer in you!
  • “Jhankaar”- The Dance Club has been started by the students of SIBM-Bengaluru under the supervision of the faculty mentor Mrs. Aarti Mehta Sharma. The founders of this initiative are two students of the MBA batch 2013-15, Himanshi Aggarwal and Drishti Tantia .As it is said, dance is a gift and mastering it will come through practice and opportunities grabbed to polish it, this dance club aims to advance the dance skills of the students .Club as a whole is paved towards providing opportunities’ to represent SIBM-Bengaluru in cultural events in and around Bangalore. The fundamental of this vision is to bring out the cultural unity among people participating on a common platform and spreading the same in the surroundings.
  • “Jhankaar” as a club has increased exponentially in terms of participants to a total of 35 young vibrant and talented groups of students who will take this initiative to greater heights and make dance the next viral mantra.” Last year, the students performed in various events like Jzaa, Independence Day, Samagam etc. and also participated in dance competitions like MTV Colours of Youth and IIM Bangalore. This year, we plan to take it to new heights by organising workshops on various dance forms and increasing student’s participation in various cultural events.
Jzaa – The Dramatics Club
  • The Dramatics Club at SIBMB is a platform where enthusiastic individuals meet and synergize their energies to bring out and live every emotion that life has to offer. We believe that expression of thoughts is required and we intend to provide the opportunity for the same. Not only does it helps to remove hesitation but makes you aware and socially responsible towards the society.
  • Our students have shown their talent at various platforms in form of Short Movies, Drama, Nukkad(Street Plays), MIME, Poetry, Festival Celebrations and participation across committee fests and competitions outside college.
  • The Objectives of this Club are:
  1. Establish drama as a social force
  2. To acts as a recreational avenue for students, provide opportunities to participate in street plays, theater activities, and skits
  3. Develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis of character.
  4. Our goal is to make live theater accessible to all students, to enable young minds to gain an appreciation for the arts
  5. To increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for students to participate in social awareness programs.


SYMBEAT – The Literary Club
  • SymBeat is the Literary Club of SIBM Bengaluru. It gives students a platform to share their opinions and tell their stories through a number of mediums. The club’s objective is to give students a voice. Our main feature is the Student Magazine in which we take articles, poems, etc from the students. The magazine has a new theme every year and we try and make it as relatable to the students as we can.
  • We do events all across the year like Open Mics, Trivia Quizzes, Literary workshops, Movie Nights, Debates, etc. We give students a medium to say what really want to say and share it with all their peers. It gives them confidence and in some cases a sense of purpose as well. 
  • As a club, we push the envelope every year. We keep adding events and we always try to out do ourselves creatively. We are like the Dead Poets’ Society, except, we are very much alive and we don’t just do poetry. 
  • Past Events:.
  • @SIBMB – Short Movies, MTV Colors of Youth, Stage Plays and MIME at College, Teachers’ Day, RakshaBandhan and Republic Day.
  • @Forum Mall – Annual Performance (Street Play) on 26th November, every year.

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life