Brown Bag Seminars

In order to inculcate and nurture the academic research culture at SIBM, periodical In House Research Seminars are organized. Faculty members presented their research ideas in these seminars, which was followed by discussion and feedback sessions. These seminars were helpful in gathering divergent perspectives and opinions from the faculty members





13th April, 2018

Dr. Bandana Nayak

Mediating effect of employee commitment on the relationship between employee satisfaction and organisational effectiveness

6th April, 2018

Prof. Saina

Behavioural Economics

23rd Feb, 2018

Dr. Rajesh Panda, Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar

Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality and Service Quality: An Empirical Analysis for Staple and Luxury Products

23rd Feb, 2018

Dr. John Ben

Case - Battery Wars

24th Nov, 2017

Prof. Aarti Mehta Sharma

Teaching and Learning of Statistics

24th August, 2017

Dr. T Viswanathan

Impact of Technological Disruption on Workforce Challenge. Identification, Assessment & Mitigation- A Case of Indian Banks

1st August, 2017

Prof. Sris Chatterjee, Prof. Nemmara Chidambaran

Fordham University

24th March, 2017

Prof. Ravi Kumar

Creating a bad Bank

14th Oct 2016

Dr. Shivakumar

Consumer Behavior towards grocery shopping

24th Aug 2016

Prof. Semila Fernandes, Prof Pooja Gupta, Prof. A Vidyasagar

Cadbury India: Sweet Turning Sour

18th March 2016

Dr. Madhvi Sethi, Prof Pooja Gupta

Apollo Cooper Merger- Anatomy of a Failed Deal

26th Feb, 2016

Dr. Asha Nadig

Evaluation of Mutual Funds Performance

25th Jan, 2016

Dr. Madhvi Sethi, Prof. Pooja Gupta

Impact of Corporate Governance on timelines of Internet Governance (Indian Public & Private sector banks)

20th Nov, 2015

Prof. Lakshmaiah Botla

Dimensionality of Corporate Entrepreneurship

24th July,2015

Prof. D Subramaniam

Use of Qualitative Research Tools for Research: A case study approach

26th June 2015

Prof. Ravi Kumar

Payment Banks in India

19th June 2015

Dr. R R Rajamohan

Effectiveness of Financial Education workshop among college students

27th March 2015

Dr. Rajesh Panda & Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar

Service Quality Delivery in Indian Retail Banks: An Importance-Performance Analysis

30th January 2015

Prof. Aarti & Prof. Saina

Forecasting Gold Prices in India using Time Series Analysis

21st November 2014

Prof. Venkatesh

Pack to Order: Redefining supply chain environment

1st October 2014

Prof. Subramaniam

Thesis Presentation: A study on challenges in manufacture and marketing of cost effective handicrafts with special reference to exports

22nd Aug 2014

Prof. Atish Dasgupta

Emotional Intelligence.

25th July 2014

Prof Semila Fernandes

"Influence of social reference group on buying behavior: A comparative study of working & non working women in Bangalore".

27th June 2014

Prof. Pooja Gupta and Prof. Aarti Mehta Sharma

Minor Research Project on Behavioral Finance

27th March 2014

Prof. Pooja Gupta and Prof. Saina Baby

Trade Blocs

28th Feb 2014

Dr. Neelima Watve

Technology and Innovation Management

27th Dec 2013

Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar

Managing service quality delivery: A study on selected commercial banks

29th Nov 2013

Dr. Rajesh Panda and Dr. Madhvi Sethi

India and bilateral trade: A gravity model approach

11th Oct 2013

Prof. Ravi Kumar

Management Lessons from BARCA

30th Aug 2013.

Dr. Ajith Kumar

RAZZMATAZZ-Pioneering Event Management in South India Run by a Woman who means Business

30th Aug 2013.

Prof. Atish Dasgupta

Work Life Balance in the Indian IT Industry

26th July,2013

Dr.Rajesh Panda

Drivers of online shopper buying behaviour; an empirical study among young shoppers in Pune

26th July,2013

Prof. A Vidyasagar

Cognitive Biases & Heuristics: Their effect on Sales & Marketing

28th June,2013

Prof. Semila Fernandes

"A Case Study Approach On Indian Companies And Global Companies Entry In Foreign Markets An Analysis Of Globalization Strategies"

26th April 2013

Dr. Mehir Baidya

Productivity of Sales Force: An Empirical Analysis

26th April 2013

Prof. Pooja Gupta and Prof. Aarti Mehta

A Comparison of Corporate Governance Disclosures in Indian Public Sector and Private Sector Banks".

13th Oct 2012

Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar

Customer Perception towards Service quality in Selected Commercial Banks : A comparative study

21st Sep 2012

Prof. Amlan Bhattacharya

Perception of South Asian Middle Class Consumers Towards Dubai as an International Tourist Destination

11th Sep 2012

Dr. Madhvi Sethi

Product Market Competition and Capital Structure Decisions: An evidence from US Spectrum Auctions

14th Aug 2012

Mrs. Priyanka Srivastava

Strategic application of Co-creation: Collaboration with customers in the New Service Development process

8th Aug 2012

Prof. Anupam Mitra

An overview of credit management of urban cooperative banks in India: A study on Howrah district