Professor and Director, SIBM Bengaluru.

MBA, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Fellow
Total Experience (In Years): 13

Dr. Madhvi Sethi completed her post-doctoral fellowship from Indian School of Business(ISB), Hyderabad after doing her Doctorate in the area of financial markets. Her research interests lie in the area of financial markets, financial economics, mergers and acquisitions and capital structure decisions. She has presented papers in several international and national conferences. Her research papers have been published in various peer-reviewed journals in India and abroad. She has co-authored a book titled “Indian Business Groups: Strategy and Performance” which has been published by Cambridge University Press, India. Her co-authored cases are available on Harvard Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing. Dr. Sethi has been appointed as the Research Mentor for SIBM-Bengaluru by Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune. She has been involved in corporate programmes conducted at Wipro and Infosys where she has been teaching executives at different management levels. Dr. Madhvi Sethi has been invited to deliver guest sessions at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University (UK) and Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University (NY). She is also an adjunct Faculty with School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Steinbeis University, Germany.


Journal Papers Published

  1. Dr. Madhvi Sethi, Parthiv Thakkar, Zahid M. Jamal(03/2018), A Simulation Model for Pricing the Spread in a Credit Default Swap: Application and Analysis, SDMIMD Journal of Management Vol 9, Issue 1(Ebsco,Open J-Gate,ISSN-023207906)
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Book, Monographs Published / Edited

  1. Ram Kumar Kakani, Santosh Sangem, Sethi Madhvi(02/2015) Indian Business Groups :Strategy and Performance. Cambridge University Press India (ISBN: 9789384463373).

Book Chapters Published

  1. Sethi Madhvi (09/2011) Local Global Local loop in International Curriculum Development. In: Internationalization of Higher Education (Edited by: Gupte, R., Venkataramani, B., Gupta, D) Excel Book Publishers

Case Studies Published

  1. Madhvi Sethi, Saina Baby, Vandita Dar (11/2018): Universal Basic Income: Is there a Case for India? ISB-Ivey Case Competition (the case study was among the top 10 Honourable mentions at ISB-IVEY global case study competition-2018).
  2. Dr. Rajesh Panda, Madhvi Sethi, Gupta Pooja (11/2016) Groupon India – A Management Buyout Decision. ISB-Ivey Case Competition (the case study was among the top 10 Honourable mentions at ISB-IVEY global case study competition-2016).
  3. Sethi Madhvi, Gupta Pooja (01/2015) Sherlock Homes and the Game of Financial Ratios. ISB IVEY Case Competition 2014,
  4. Sethi Madhvi, Panda Rajesh (01/2015) Economics of Gold 2013: A Case of India. ISB-IVEY Global Case Competition 2014

Proceeding Papers Published

  1. Rajesh Panda, Madhvi Sethi, M Kumaran(02/2015) China and its Bilateral Trade: An Empirical Analysis Using Gravity Model. In: SIFICO2015-Contemporary Issues in Modern Finance, 1(1), pp: 37 (ISBN: 978-93-84935-13-9).
  2. Madhvi Sethi, Vijayaraghavan P (01/2015) Indian Firms and Double Exit Strategy: An Empirical Analysis. In: Twelfth AIMS International Conference on Management, 1(1) , pp: 1 (ISBN : 978-81-924713-8-9).
  3. Rajesh Panda, M Kumaran (02/2015) China and its Bilateral Trade: An Empirical Analysis Using Gravity Model. In: SIFICO2015-Contemporary Issues in Modern Finance, 1(1) , pp: 37 (ISBN : 978-93-84935-13-9).
  4. Madhvi Sethi, Pooja Gupta (08/2014) Impact of US Policy Changes on Value of Selected IT Companies in India. In: Emerging Trends in Finance and Accounting, 1(1) , pp: 1 (ISBN : 978-93-83302-02-4).