Total Experience (In Years): 13

Dr. Rajesh PandaPresent role:  Professor and Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru. Rajesh has also served as Deputy Director in  SIBM Pune and  as  Product Manager in  CFL Secunderabad in the past. Besides being a Professor and Director at SIBM B, Rajesh is also an adjunct Faculty with School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Steinbeis University, Berlin and a visiting faculty at IIM Ranchi. He is also a member of the ‘Planning and Monitoring Board’ and ‘Academic Council’ of Symbiosis International Deemed University. Rajesh is a graduate of IIM, Ahmedabad and he holds Master’s degree in Economics and PhD degree in Retailing. Rajesh has also audited the Harvard Business School GLOCOL Programme in 2015 on invitation from Harvard University, Boston, USA. Rajesh has been awarded the Best professor in Marketing by National Educational Leadership Awards in 2014. Rajesh has more than 25 peer reviewed publications in various national and international journals and four case studies with Ivey Publishing, Canada and Harvard Business School Publishing, USA to his credit. He has also presented research papers in various prestigious international conferences including  NACRA Conference in Orlando USA, ICSD Conference in Oxford University, UK and various other academic  conferences in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow and  IIT, Delhi  to name a few.

Rajesh  has been invited as a speaker in various industry and academic conferences like FICCI Higher Education Conference(New Delhi, 2018), ASMA Conference(Bengaluru, 2018), Adobe Education Leaders Seminar (Thailand, 2017),  MBA Universe  Convention (Bengaluru, 2017), Higher Education Technology Conference (New Delhi, 2015), SME Marketing Conclave (Bangalore, 2014), TATA GeMS Programme (Titan Industries, 2014) etc.   Rajesh  has vast experience in corporate training, research and consulting with companies like Godrej,  L & T, HUL, Infosys,  ITC, IBM, Amdocs,  Zensar, BMC Software, Mphasis, Wipro, CapGemini, WNS, BACS, John Deere, Avaya, McDonalds, Praj Industries, Taco,Tyco, M&M, Allscripts, Eclerx etc. He is a reviewer of marketing books with Pearson Education and Tata McGraw-Hill education private limited.  The teaching and research area of Rajesh include Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics, Leadership, Team Building  etc.


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Proceeding Papers Published

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Case Studies Published

  1. Dr. Rajesh Panda, Madhvi Sethi, Gupta Pooja (11/2016) Groupon India – A Management Buyout Decision. ISB-Ivey Case Competition (the case study was among the top 10 Honourable mentions at ISB-IVEY global case study competition-2016).
  2. Dr. Rajesh Panda, Gupta Pooja (01/2016) Amarnath Gupta and Sons: The Business in Family Business. ISB-Ivey Case Competition.
  3. Sethi Madhvi, Panda Rajesh (01/2015) Economics of Gold 2013: A Case of India. ISB-IVEY Global Case Competition 2014.