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UTTHAAN, the flagship event of Social Responsibility Committee, as the name suggests aims to empower children with skills, learning and knowledge. The kids are invited at the campus and are exposed to plethora of activities which nurture, encourage and entertain them.

This year around 140 kids joined us. The day began with a cheerful welcome of the little ones and ended on a bright note where we got the privilege of witnessing those bright and smiling faces. The kids left a heart warming impact on all the volunteers who not only made sure the safety of the kids and the smooth flow of the event but also made young friends through the platform who inspired them to work selflessly for the kid’s well-being. The students performed dance, dramatics, singing and playful activities to engage the kids.

Kids were also given a platform to showcase their talent wherein they did not fail to surprise single one of us. They made various craft items which were ultimately sold to the students. This platform brought out the talent within themselves and instilled in them a skillful and resourceful attitude.

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