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TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2024

TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2024

TEDx is an independently organised one day event, hosting speakers across different domains having ideas to share.  Hosted by TED, the event was independently organized by TEDxSIBMBengaluru, embodying the TED mission of spreading valuable ideas to inspire and provoke thought. This year’s 13th edition of  TEDxSIBMBengaluru was a dynamic platform that brought together diverse voices and ideas under the overarching theme of “Power of Now.”

"The Power of Now"

“The Power of Now” in the context of community, country, and society underscores how current circumstances open opportunities and build challenges. It also shows how our current actions, chosen from the many possibilities, have a transformative impact on future trajectories. In the diverse and vibrant tapestry of the world, “The Power of Now” takes on a unique and culturally enriched meaning. In the midst of affording us numerous opportunities, the present moment necessitates a simplified approach, taking into account the prevailing circumstances. It also encourages the emergence of diverse viewpoints that can converge to create a more compelling and widely embraced concept. In the world’s current context of societal change and economic potential, embracing the power of the present can drive meaningful reforms, resilience, and equitable progress, laying the foundation for a prosperous and inclusive future.

The event served as a melting pot of intellect, creativity, and inspiration, drawing speakers from various domains and backgrounds to share their unique perspectives and insights. From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, each speaker had 18 minutes to captivate the audience with their thought-provoking talks.

Attendees, hailing from different cities, represented a broad spectrum of demographics, including faculties, students, and individuals across all age groups. This diverse audience contributed to a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences, fostering meaningful conversations and connections throughout the event.

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