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Samaagam is the annual alumni meet of SIBM-Bengaluru, which provides an opportunity for alumni to revisit their alma mater and relive their memories of their MBA journey. The event is organized by the institute and serves as a platform for alumni to reconnect with their classmates, meet new people, and strengthen their bonds with the institute.
The event is a perfect blend of various activities catering to the interests of the alumni. The faculty meetings provide a chance for alumni to meet their professors and mentors, share their experiences and achievements after graduating from SIBM-Bengaluru, and seek guidance and support for their professional careers.
The networking lounges offer a relaxed and informal setting where alumni can catch up with their classmates, exchange business cards and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth. The games and activities are designed to promote team building, communication, and leadership skills which are essential for success in any professional field.
The DJ night is a high-energy event that allows alumni to dance and enjoy the music with their friends and colleagues. The specially curated performances from various clubs and committees showcase the diverse talents and interests of the current students and offer a glimpse into the vibrant campus life of SIBM-Bengaluru.
Overall, Samaagam is an unforgettable evening that creates a sense of community and belonging among the alumni of SIBM-Bengaluru. It serves as a means of fostering relationships with the current faculty and facilitating interaction across all batches, which helps in creating a strong and supportive network of professionals who share a common bond of excellence and achievement.

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