Quest@SIBM-B has been initiated to encourage knowledge sharing among the faculty members of SIBM B, .The objective of these sessions is to develop and enhance research capabilities by organizing workshops and faculty research development programmes.


Date Speaker Topic
23rd December 2021 Dr. Bikramaditya Ghosh International Collaborations, co-authorship and increasing research impact factor
25th September 2021 Prof. Rameshwar Dubey, Reader, Operations Management, Doctoral School of Management, Liverpool Business School, UK Insights into Contemporary Research & High-quality publishing: An Editor’s Perspective
24th September 2021 Dr. Arun Pereira, Faculty & Teaching Coach, INSEAD, France Faculty Discussion: Student Engagement
27th August 2021 Dr. Anita Patankar, Director, SSLA & Deputy Director, SCIE, SIU Internationalization of Higher Education
25th June 2021 Dr. Dipak Tatpuje, Head, Research Projects, SCRI, SIU Opportunities for funded research
3rd February 2021 Prof. Ravi Kumar Budget 2021: A Round Table Discussion
6th August,2020 Prof. A Vidyasagar Safe Examination Browser
27th July,2020 Prof. A Vidyasagar, Dr. Madhvi Sethi, Dr. Lavina Sharma, Dr. Subramaniam LMS Training
8th May,2020 Dr. T Vishwanathan Open Broadcaster Software for Recording Presentations
17th December,2019 Mr. Archit Saxena, Faculty, Art of Living Mind Management & Personal Excellence
22nd November,2019 Prof. A Vidyasagar Quest Networking
4th October,2019 Mr.Vishav Sharma, E-Resource & Digital Content Specialist,Clarivate Analytics E-database training on A&I Database, the Web of Science, Incite, JCR and EndNote
7th August,2019 Mr. M.S. Srinivasa,Training Manager, EBSCO Information Services EBSCO : An E-database training program
12th July,2019 Prof. Ravi Kumar Budget 2019 Analysis
13th June,2019 Mr.Shubham Demontration Of STATCRAFT
15th March,2019 Prof. V. Ravi Kumar Time Warps, Time Travel and the Multi-Verse
3rd February,2019 Prof. Ravi Kumar Budget 2020: A Round Table Discussion
7th December, 2018 Prof.Pooja Gupta, Dr.T.Viswanathan,Prof.Semila Fernandes Pedagogy for Blended Teaching – Learning Process
16th November, 2018 Dr.John Ben Creation of OBE session plan
23rd March, 2018 Prof. A Vidyasagar Blockchain Simplified
15th March, 2018 Mr. Bhagyesh Kataria CMIE information solutions and PraXis
22nd March, 2017 Prof. Pooja Gupta, Prof. Semila Fernandes Usage of core curriculum from Harvard
9th March, 2018 Prof. Pooja Gupta Flipped classroom (I-spring)
2nd March, 2018 Prof. Ravi Kumar Punjab National Bank (PNB) Scam
9th Feb, 2018 Prof. Ravi Kumar Budget 2018 Round Table Discussion
7th Nov, 2017 Mr. Nitin Parmeshwar Bloomberg Session
15th Sep, 2017 Dr. Rajesh Panda The myths of Creation
24th August, 2017 Prof. A Vidyasagar SC-IE-NCE
14th July, 2017 Dr. Madhvi Sethi, Prof. Pooja Gupta Discussion on Moodle and Flipped Classroom
24th March, 2017 Mr. Sanganagouda Patil Presentation of library prescribed & different author & books details
8th Dec, 2016 External Vendor Prowess Database
11th Nov, 2016 Prof. Ravi Kumar US Elections and and Demonetization in India
21st Oct, 2016 Prof. A Vidyasagar Genetics
26th Aug, 2016 Mr. Pranav Aggarwal, Ms. Radhika Marwaha Bloomberg Terminal
22nd July, 2016 Prof. Atish Dasgupta Objects out of place, the unexplained and unexplainable
16thOctober,2015 Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar Track your Citations
21st August, 2015 Mr. Gurumurthy (External Member) Capitaline Database
17th July, 2015 Prof. Pooja Gupta Harvard Simulation
17th April, 2015 Prof. V.G. Venkatesh Sharing some nuances of Publications – How to find the new topic and sail through research path
10th April 2015 Dr. Biranchi Narayan Swar ABC of Marketing Research
18th March 2015 Prof. Pooja Gupta Alternate Methods of Teaching/ Harvard -SIBM Association and Its Products.
23rd January 2015 Prof. Vidyasagar Vedic Maths
28th November 2014 Systat Team Systat-13 software
22nd Aug 2014 Prof. Atish Dasgupta Emotional Quotient
11th July 2014 Prof. Ravi Kumar Union Budget
20th June 2014 Prof. Pooja Gupta, Prof Semila Fernandes and Prof Madhvi Sethi Harvard Case Teaching Seminar
21st Mar 2014 Prof. Atish Dasgupta Management Consulting
21st Feb 2014 Dr. Ajith Kumar V.V. Teaching through Management Games
31st Jan 2014 Prof. Ravi Kumar Bit coins
20th Dec 2013 Prof. Venkatesh Humanitarian Supply Chain
21st Nov. 2013 Prof. Ravi Kumar RBI and its monetary policy
13th Sep, 2013 Prof. Pooja Gupta Art of using Simulation in Teaching (Using Harvard Simulations)
23rd Aug, 2013 Prof. Aarti Mehta Sharma Statistical Techniques with SPSS
21st June,2013 Prof. Aarti Mehta Sharma Introduction to Statistical Techniques