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Connexio, The International Alumni Conclave, is a networking event organized by the Alumni Committee of SIBM Bengaluru. The event’s primary objective is to leverage the institute’s rich international alumni network and provide a common platform for alumni from across the globe to connect with each other and with the students of SIBM Bengaluru.

It is a virtual event that is designed to bring together alumni from diverse backgrounds and industries, enabling them to share their experiences and insights on how the diffusion of knowledge and technology worldwide has impacted the global business landscape.

Connexio is an excellent opportunity for the students of SIBM Bengaluru to learn from industry experts and stay up-to-date with the latest developments across different domains of the global business environment. By fostering a global alumni community Connexio contributes toward the growth and development of the students while strengthening the bonds between SIBM Bengaluru and its vast alumni network.

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