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Brown Bag Seminars

Brown Bag Seminars

In order to inculcate and nurture the academic research culture at SIBM, periodical In House Research Seminars are organized. Faculty members presented their research ideas in these seminars, which was followed by discussion and feedback sessions. These seminars were helpful in gathering divergent perspectives and opinions from the faculty members.


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Date Speaker Topic
23rd May 2024 Dr. Parvathi Jayaprakash Designing Data Governance Frameworks for Data Exchange Operations
14th May 2024 Dr. Parth Mehta Optimization of Properties of Functionally Graded Materials
8th January 2024 Dr. Sabari Shankar Ravichandran Unveiling the Motivations of Gay Tourists: A Comprehensive Analysis Beyond Sexual Pursuits.
20th December 2023 Dr.G.Suresh Crude Oil Prices Asymmetric Impact on Macroeconomic Output in India
27th November 2023 Dr. Clemens Arzi Prof in Dept of Police & Security Management, Berlin School of Economics & Law
6th October 2023 Prof. Anshu Sharma Understanding Consumer Adoption of Innovative Technology Products & Services
29th July 2023 Dr. Nisha Prakash An Empirical Investigation of Factors Influencing Climate
28th November 2022 Prof. Sris Chatterjee, Fordham University Exploring International Research Collaborations
25th November 2022 Dr. R. V. Naveenan Digital Financial Inclusion & Energy Poverty in Africa


December 2021

Dr. Sathish Mahindiran


Internal & External Organizational Strategies: Repercussions of Information Management on Relationship Selling Behaviour & Sales Force Performance.


March 2021

Dr. Eliza Sharma


“CSR Leads to Economic Growth: A Myth or a Fact” An Evidence-Based Study to Link Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities of Indian banking sector with Economic Growth of India.


September 2020

Mr. Himanshu Vaidya


Adoption and Usage of OTT Entertainment Services.