Mr. Sandeep Bhat
Mr. Sandeep Bhat
"It was a pleasure connecting and interacting with the co-panelists and the students of SIBM Bengaluru!"
Mr. Satyajit Das
Mr. Satyajit Das
"I really enjoyed the discussion. I also shared a few tipsduring the Zoom break-out session. I hope they are useful to thestudents. Thanks SIBM Bengaluru!"
Ms. Komal Gupta
Ms. Komal Gupta
"I really enjoyed listening to the panelists. Thank you forthe opportunity SIBM Bengaluru!"
Mr. Ranjith TP
Mr. Ranjith TP
"I'm thankful to SIBM Bengaluru for organizing such anenlightening session. It was an enthralling discussion."
Mr. Digwanta Chakraborty
Mr. Digwanta Chakraborty
"The discussion was thought provoking and wonderful. Itwas great to interact and listen to the useful insights from differentindustries"
Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi
Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi
"The panel discussion was thoroughly engaging and excellent"
Mr. Ankur Warikoo
Mr. Ankur WarikooCEO & Co-founder, Nearbuy
"Thank you for having me here as a part of Alchemy 2016. It was a pleasure to interact with students and share my experiences."
Mr. Rajesh Gupta
Mr. Rajesh GuptaSolution Manager, Oracle
"The MBA (EE) programme helped me to grow both professionally and personally by enhancing my management and business skills."
Mr. Jayesh Dubey
Mr. Jayesh DubeyVice President, ByDesign Velankani Group
“SIBM –B provided a perfect platform to enhance my knowledge and take my career to the next level by filling in the gap which I always felt was there after my graduation.”
Mr. Rajesh Tovinakere
Mr. Rajesh TovinakereProgram Manager - Product Development, Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
“The most valuable experience that I gained in my time during the MBA (EE) programme is the knowledge from industry experts and college professors who have in-depth knowledge in global markets."

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