At TEDxSIBMBengaluru, we envision that our live speakers, talks, videos and interactions shall combine to spark profound discussions and inspire minds to usher in a world of possibilities. The driving force behind us is an amalgamation of the incessant intellectual curiosity and the creative bend of the mind coupled with the ingenious spirit of innovation. TEDxSIBMBengaluru has witnessed a transformation through the years. We have set precedence for some great talks and great thinkers. The latest chapter was conducted on 17thFebruary 2018. It was the 7th Chapter of TEDxSIBMBengaluru.

Previous year themes:

CHAPTER 1: Challenging the Unconventional

CHAPTER 2: Challenging the Unconventional

CHAPTER 3: Road Less Travelled

CHAPTER 4: Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

CHAPTER 5: Power of One

CHAPTER 6: Beyond Imagination

CHAPTER 7: Breaking Boundaries

Our Past speakers:

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Chapter 4

Chapter 5

CuratorSakshi Nayyar    Mobile+91-9810800435

Co-CuratorRahul Narayanan    Mobile+91-8884000836

Co-CuratorSakshi Nayyar    Mobile+91-9810800435

Co-CuratorRahul Narayanan    Mobile+91-8884000836