Student Research Initiatives

The Research Committee at SIBM Bengaluru under the mentorship of a faculty member takes the lead in initiating various research related activities. The committee holds Symposio, an annual national level student research conference and also publishes ORION (Student Research Journal).


SYMPOSIO- National Level Student Research Conference:

Symposio, the international level student research conference of SIBM Bengaluru is the flagship event of the Research Committee. ‘Symposio’ attempts to capture the spirit of Innovation and research through stimulating discussions as well as presenting novel research findings, incorporating all pillars of management. Competitors from across the world present their research work before an eminent panel of judges. This embodies the true manifestation of research in management.


Orion- Student Research Publication :

‘Orion’ is the annual research journal of SIBM Bengaluru (ISSN 2349-7939), which helps cultivating a research culture amongst students as well facilitates an understanding of the importance of research in all managerial domains.  Students from SIBM Bengaluru write analytical articles on management-related subjects, which are reviewed and subsequently the best ones are published in this journal. This enhances students’ knowledge base and adds value to their profile. The research papers written are industry-centric and give detailed perspectives on contemporary issues in business and society. So far nine issues of Orion have been published.