Student Committees


The Academic Programme committee aims to create high standards of academic rigor by creating an ecosystem that facilitates learning and by formulating academic curriculum that matches industrial expectations. As a part of the student council at SIBM Bangalore, this team supports various academic tasks and processes that are vital to the institute’s reputation for academic rigor.

Objectives of the committee

  • Providing academic support in addition to classroom teaching through mentorship program.
  • To meet industrial expectations through specialised training programs. (e.g.: SPSS, Prowess etc.)
  • Ensuring that academic schedules are adhered to.
  • Ensuring discipline inside classrooms.
  • Incorporating students’ inputs and ideas while making key academic decisions.

The APC functions as an autonomous student body along with the support of the Director and faculty. This collaboration of efforts and ideas gives this team a holistic understanding of the academic needs of the institution. The committee strives to create synergy between the academic experience at SIBM-B and the multi-faceted industry.


Teacher’s Day: September 5th, the annual Teacher’s day celebration where the students show  their respect and appreciation to the faculty and staff. Including the fun and intellectual activities involving the faculty and the staff including both indoor and outdoor activities.

Mentorship Program: Providing a mentorship program to the students for exam preparation conducting the explanatory and revision class sessions for subjects for the final exams.

Pratishthan, the B Plan challenge Pratishthan is the annual Business plan challenge conducted in Revelation (The cultural and Management Festival) where participants from various institute and cities come and present their business ideas. The focus is to explore entrepreneurial mind-set and understand the entrepreneurial behaviours & skills.

Mock GD/PI:  Conducting Mock Group discussion and Personal Interview sessions for the students to help prepare for the Placement and internship process.

Others: Extended support to specialization clubs which gives opportunities to students to practice the classroom learning into practical use for better understanding the concepts.

Coordinator: Atulya M

Email:          Mobile: +91-9952976701

Senior Members
Operations: Atulya M & Prateek Laddha 
Finance: Harsh Masharu & Praveen Gupta
HR: Sourav Mahanand & Aanchal Semwal
Marketing: Azhaan Ali & Kartikeya Jauhari

Admissions and IT Committee: Team AdCom

This is the first “touch point” for any candidate of SIBM Bengaluru, and hence we act as a bridge to the prospective candidates and the Institute. Apart from running the smooth process of admissions, our team undertakes various brand-building campaigns through a variety of forums and tie-ups with coaching Institutes across the country.

Team AdCom is responsible for delivering Information System and services on campus and also has been responsible for developing websites for all the events held in college and maintaining our very own college website.

The objective of the committee is mainly two-fold:

1. Admissions

Buddy Groups & City Meet – We create an informal and casual platform, the WhatsApp groups for the prospective candidates where they can ask all sort of doubts, silly and serious, to clear their confusion before they join the institute. We also meet the upcoming batch personally in various cities across India to inculcate a feeling of belongingness in them right before they start the rigorous journey of MBA with us here at SIBM Bengaluru.

Social Media Presence – One thing which connects the world is the internet. Our committee represents SIBM Bengaluru on various social media platforms like Facebook, Pagalguy, Shiksha, Twitter, and Linkedin. We keep the candidates updated about all important dates regarding SNAP exam and college details. Moreover, any queries regarding the admission process which are posted by the applicants are clarified immediately by our team. We are also responsible for promoting our college on various websites and ensure the presence of our institute over various online portals with the updated figures and stats.

City Visit & SNAP – Our Team visits different coaching centers across India right before SNAP with a purpose of interacting with the MBA aspirants and give them a glimpse of our institute. We also educate them regarding SNAP exam and share some tips to CRACK the same.

GE-PIWAT – This is ADCOM’s flagship event. Our team designs the admission brochure and conceptualizes the whole GE-PIWAT process for the upcoming batch. We do our best to provide an amazing experience to the students and we try to raise the standard of our admission process every year by smoothly conducting it with proper execution of various rounds in a timely and accurate fashion.

2. Information Technology (IT)

The role of the Information Technology Division is to advance the mission of the Institute by delivering best-of-class information technology systems and services to SIBM students, faculty, staff, and departments. We have a technology team of bright and enthusiastic individuals committed to providing the best service possible to the campus community.

We deliver coordinated, consistent and high-quality customer services responsively and professionally. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide to resolving problems and meeting campus needs for information, support, and service. We take a broad approach that not just involves the computer Centre in the facility, but the infrastructure backup in the libraries, classrooms, hostels, video-conferencing facilities, Intranet and the Internet. The activities include but are not limited to- managing the network infrastructure in tandem with the authorities, developing and maintaining the college website, various portals etc.

Adding to the fun side, we organize GAME-A-THON a video gaming event which includes games like Mortal Kombat X, FIFA 17, WWE 2k17 etc. The Information Technology Division actively supports and encourages the effective use of technology among the SIBM-B community.

Team AdCom dedicatedly provides able support to all other Committees and events being organized at SIBM-Bengaluru irrespective of the nature of the event. Our Committee is one of the most active committees among other student bodies and through sustained and continuous efforts, we strive to maintain the status and plan to conduct many more successful events with the hope to create a mark in the history of SIBM-Bengaluru.

Coordinator: Rishi H Sanghani

Email:          Mobile: +91-9967519002


Senior Members
Rishi H Sanghani
Kedar Gokhale
Apoorva N Pai
Jyotsna Marisetty
Utsav Sethi
Aarshiya Bhatia
Dinesh Kumar S

If there is one phrase or term that best describes this committee, it would be ‘CONNECTING PEOPLE’. Right from building bonds with students when they are in college to their transition between college and the corporate, we help the Alumni bolster the link with their alma mater.
A glance at our avocations:

SAMAAVESH is for the incoming batch every year wherein we try to give the new batch a flavour of what is really in store for them by introducing them to some of our esteemed alumni who not only guide them on career prospects but also on personal fronts.
SAMAAGAM is the official annual alumni meet hosted in college premises. It gives alumni a chance to revisit their Alma Mater and relive the beautiful 2 years of their MBA Life. Not only does it facilitate an interaction amongst all batches but also serve as a medium for strengthening the bond with the present faculty.
NEWSLETTER – We endeavour to keep our Alumni abreast of the latest ongoings in the college by regularly updating our alumni through our monthly newsletter.
NOTABLE ALUMNI –Our alumni have worked hard and it gives us immense pleasure to share their achievements with the entire SIBM Bengaluru family.  It shall not only provide recognition that our beloved alumni deserve but also help everyone in the SIBM-B fraternity at professional front.
ALUMNI ACHIEVERS AWARD – Alumni are the face of the college in the corporate world. Their performance at work brings reputation and goodwill to our college. To celebrate our Alumni’s progress and achievements in career, we endow our esteemed Alumni, the aforementioned awards in two different categories- 1) Corporate Excellence. 2) Entrepreneurship.

YEARBOOK – The Alumni Committee presents a token of remembrance from SIBM-B to the parting batch in the form of a Yearbook.
ALUMNI GUEST SESSIONS – The conation behind this initiative is to provide insights before the current batches actually step into the corporate world. The guest session is undertaken for every specialization that students intend to take.
ALUMNI PORTAL – We have instituted the Alumni portal so that the Alumni remain connected to one another through their own private network. Right from college updates to latest events, Alumni portal is one stop shop for all the college activities.

Besides the above mentioned activities, the Alumni committee maintains a database which contains the details of our Alumni. The sole purpose of maintaining such a huge database is to reach them with ease. The Alumni Committee functions as a one stop helpdesk for all the queries and requests of the Alumni. We address all the Alumni queries with utmost priority, in a timely and satisfactory manner, through both online and offline media.

Coordinator: Sanjeev Khanna               Mobile: +91-8460249539


Senior Members
Sanjeev Khanna
Tanya Khatri
Deepit Singh Uppal
Shreyas Thakre 
Shivangi Gautam
Sunidhi Singh

The Conferences and Events Committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all the events of SIBM Bengaluru are executed smoothly without any encumbrances. The Committee is responsible for arranging and organizing numerous guest sessions, events and management conclaves so as to encourage increased collaboration between the students and the corporate world.

A glimpse of our major activities:

Alchemy 2018: Our flagship event “Alchemy” is the Annual Management Conclave of SIBM-Bengaluru. We bring together seasoned and eminent minds from the corporate world and academia on a single platform to share their experiences and insights with the students through a medium of panel discussions and keynote speeches. This year’s theme, ‘Redefining India’ emphasized on India being on the brink of a major revolution as a converging point for technological innovation, analytical thinking and the need for a sustainable future.

Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 8: Colors of Youth – a unique initiative by Maruti Suzuki, is a national challenge which has risen with every season in popularity and success and has become a much sought after platform for students who are raring to showcase their talent. SIBM-B hosted the Bengaluru city round of the event wherein Conferences and Events Committee along with the entire management team of Maruti Suzuki organised and coordinated the event. The event was graced with the presence of celebrity judges Faisal Khan and Charlie Chauhan.

Red FM 93.5 Talent hunt: 93.5 Red FM in collaboration with FBB hosted “College Ready 2018”, a talent hunt in SIBM-Bengaluru which provided our students with an opportunity to showcase their multifaceted talents. The event saw enthusiastic participation from the students who owned the stage with their diverse talents ranging from singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, etc. The selected participants represented SIBM-B in the next level of the competition.

We also provide our able support to all other events being organized at SIBM-Bengaluru irrespective of the nature of the event. This Committee works fluidly with other student bodies in the Institute viz. Placements Committee, IRC, ECC, etc. to materialize events on a successful note. Through our continued endeavours toward this path, we plan to cultivate a cooperative association with the corporate world and in the process, make the students’ stay at SIBM-Bengaluru a truly remarkable one. In short, the Committee acts as the backbone of any event organized by SIBM-Bengaluru.

Coordinator: Sukant Goyal 

Email:          Mobile: +91-8168574558

Senior Members  

Sukant Goyal
Abhinav Sharda 
Arpit Barodiya
Sakshi Daga
Shreya Jha

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ”- A Chinese Proverb

SIBM-Bengaluru strives to embody that very principle in life. From students to leaders, from learning to decision making and from aspiring to achieving. The act of moulding a wishful pupil into a forerunner, the journey of transformation requires a powerful catalyst. This is where the Corporate Relations and Placements Committee or as we fondly call it- ‘PLACECOM’ steps in.

The Placecom at SIBM-Bengaluru is a voluntary organization of students. The committee is quintessentially devoted to the goal of helping each student in finding the right profile in the right company which shall not only help kick start a successful career but also lay the foundation for a successful life.

The core functions of the Corporate Relations and Placements Committee include:

  • Facilitating Live Projects for students of the batch in collaboration with companies, spread across various sectors.
  • Facilitating Summer Internship Program for students of the batch and guiding them as to the choice of specialization to be taken in their 2nd year.
  • Inviting companies on campus for final placements for all students with special interest paid to the diversity in the skills, preferences and competencies of one and all.
  • Building and maintaining Corporate Relations with a wide range of companies spanning all sectors namely IT & ITES, Financial & Banking Services, Consulting, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom and others.

Members of Placecom live by the motto of ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ meaning ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ and envision to take SIBM-B to newer heights with every endeavour. Thus, the Placements Committee is the Ground Zero which facilitates to fusion opportunities of the industry and passion of the students at SIBM-B to create the business leaders of tomorrow.

Coordinator: Jaideep Singh Malhotra       Mobile: +91-7508241247

Coordinator:  Elvin Varghese           Mobile: +91-9925579848


Senior Members
Elvin Varghese
Jaideep Singh Malhotra
Harsh Subhash Joshi
Supriya Nair
Yashvi Daga
Manasi Gupta
Mansi Agarwal 
Dhawal Sheth
Aditya Iyer
Priya A Saxena

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. At Cultural and International Relations Committee we believe in celebrating this beauty by constantly involving students at SIBM Bengaluru in a number of activities year-round and help the managers of tomorrow develop a new perspective of thinking, while also offering them a platform to showcase their inner creativity and talents.

Cultural and International Relations Committee ensures that every event leaves an everlasting memory for the students and provides a perfect balance of fun and entertainment along with regular academia. Apart from this CIRC is also responsible in enhancing the global perspectives of students and increasing the global reach of brand SIBM-B by fostering and developing new ties with International universities.

Events Organized by CIRC:

Utopia: We believe in encouraging cultural relationships between Symbiosis and other international universities. Utopia is a one-of-a-kind annual cultural festival hosted by our institute for all the international students in and around Bengaluru. This event is celebrated on the birthday of our beloved founder of Symbiosis Society, Dr. S.B. Majumdar, and celebrating our motto of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam”.

Intra-MUN: This is a one of a kind opportunity for SIBM-B students through which they can act as delegates of countries and help them understand the intricacies of existing world problems, geopolitical issues, and creating policies to tackle these issues.

Revelation: SIBM-B’s Annual Flagship event, organized by CIRC is a three-day extravaganza that hosts various events in the verticals of Management, Cultural, Informal, and Sports. It is a mega event comprising of 21 individual competitions, where the participants coming from all across the nation battle it out to prove their mettle. Every year we witness increasing participation from students belonging to prestigious universities all over the country.

SIBMB MUN: This annual event organized by CIRC is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students from various UG & PG institutes play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

Section Wars: CIRC will be conducting an Inter-Section competition for the junior batch of SIBM-B, wherein students will represent their sections and compete intensely across various competitions in various tasks to earn the coveted title of “Best Section” and more importantly a lifetime of bragging rights.

Student Exchange Program: CIRC helps students in gaining a rich and holistic experience by facilitating a smooth process of various Semester Exchange Programs for the senior batch and Summer School opportunities for the junior batch. The Student Exchange programs provide an added opportunity for an international learning experience from various prestigious universities around the globe.

CIRC thus along with organizing thrilling management events, sports events, fun cultural events aims at bringing every young SIBM-B’er onto an international platform, backed with all the exposure, poise and integrity needed to achieve success in today’s dynamically evolving, and challenging corporate world.

Co-ordinator: Radhika Chaddha

Email: Mobile: +91-9925023513

Senior Members 
Radhika Chaddha
Ajay Sharma
Ayushi Vijayvargiya
Chaitanya Chekuri
Prasham Jhaveri
Nikita Agrawal
Rusheel Nair
Saveen Kaul
Yashwini Agrawal

A team of creative problem-solvers who work well under pressure, the Public Relations and Media Committee works on the principle of ‘earned media’. The committee garners media coverage for all the events of the college by creating and maintaining a cordial and healthy relationship with media personnel across various local and national media houses.

PR is as much a science as it is an art and the duties of the committee are a perfect blend of the two worlds. From formulating an eclectic blend of strategies to ensure maximum visibility and success in reaching the target audience to actually creating effective, relatable and sometimes quirky promotional campaigns for the events of the college, this committee has the best of both worlds to offer. The team has some of the best writers and graphic designers of the college who are adept at formulating appealing PR strategies and managing the content that is posted on all the social media handles of the socially vibrant institute, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It works towards creating an effective channel of information through sharing of relevant and useful information on key topics like admissions and all the college events on social networks to engage the huge viewership that the social media handles of the college possess.

Regarded as the face of the college, the committee has a track-record of successfully delivering on complex and challenging PR briefs – often characterised by high stakes and a sense of urgency.

The Public Relations and Media Committee forms an essential part of the college and works cohesively with the administration and all the other committees and clubs to ensure that the brand SIBM B remains in good shape and the events of the college create the maximum buzz possible.

Coordinator: Vishal Kaushik

Email:          Mobile: +91-7990399506

Senior Members
Vishal Kaushik
Rohini Yadav 19020841027
Prajakta Valiv 19020841074
Abhaysinh Shirole 19020841156
Shreya Wagherkar 19020841038
Karan Raghani 19020841077
Ayushi Bansod 19020841113


Research Committee provides a conducive platform for students to enhance their knowledge and stay befitting in this competitive environment.

The committee’s agenda is to make students understand the importance of Research in Management. The various events organized by the committee are designed in a way to bring out the researcher inside the student. We motivate students to write research papers and provide them with the necessary assistance in getting them published/presented at a conference. The aim of this committee is to encourage people to come out in the open and express their opinion and help the students gain recognition for the same.


“Orion” is the annual research journal of SIBM Bengaluru, published by Research committee, which helps students to gain a good grasp on the core subjects and build their resumes.
Students from SIBM Bengaluru write Research articles on any management related subject, which will be published in this Journal. An article written on a management subject after in-depth analysis will enhance students’ knowledge base and add value to their profile. As future managers, it is this clarity that will give students an edge over others and gain a place for them in the corporate world.

Cranium Crusherzz 

Welcome to the Quiz hub of SIBM B. Research committee is the official quiz master which conducts various quizzing events. Cranium Crusherzz is the internal B-quiz competition in which students of both the batches will participate. This gives the taste of how a proper Business Quiz looks like for newcomers, before participating in other national B-quiz competitions.

SIP Experience

The course starts from June and students will slowly get hauled into the flow of the on and off – classroom activities. When they gradually try to get along with the pace, swiftly the SIP process starts. Without Proper guidance they might feel that they have been lead into a world of perplexity. Research Committee organizes “SIP experience “as a solution to this.

This is the event through which the students from senior batch share their Summer Internship experiences with the new batch, giving the first glimpse of the process, helping them comprehend what is the Internship all about and understand its importance. The basic objective is to acquaint the batch with the nuances and ideas to make students ‘SIP’ an asset for them in future.


Symposio, the national level student research conference of SIBM Bengaluru is the flagship event of Research committee. “Symposio” attempts to capture the spirit of Innovation through stimulating discussions to scrutinize application of responsible innovation in the various pillars of management through white paper presentations and seminars. Competitors from across the country present their research work in front of the Judging panel and chief guest. This manifests the importance of Research in management.


Concours, the biggest Quizzing event of SIBM Bengaluru is organized by Research committee. A Huge number of students across the country participate in this event. This is conducted as a part of Revelation, the management fest of SIBM Bengaluru. It is a ‘battle of brilliance’.


The basic imperative of an MBA student is knowing what’s happening around him. “Stay updated”- is the slogan defines you as an MBA. For people who miss out reading daily newspapers due to various reasons and even for those who read news regularly (might miss out something vital), we reach you out regularly through emails with most important happenings around the planet and the world of business. Best news reaches you in a crisp manner.

As we mentioned earlier, we are the Quiz hub of SIBM-B. So we never leave an opportunity to conduct quizzes, weekly quizzes are conducted based on the current affairs.


Research committee actively works throughout the year. Apart from the quizzes, debate competition like “Big Fight”, are organized to keep students abreast with the current happenings.

Apart from Orion we work on “Perspectiva” – A case Research Journal published by SIBM B. The research articles in Perspectiva are written by Faculty members.

Thus Research committee provides a platform to the students of SIBM Bengaluru to come forth and enhance their knowledge.


Coordinator: Kshitij Anand              Mobile: +91-8451089612


Senior Members
Kshitij Anand
Aditya Lal Pandey
Anjali Shrivastava
Medhavi Rana
Riya Rai
Sarvagya Panwar
Smriti Rastogi
Sukesh Marla

We at Social Responsibility Committee believe that we are all part of a larger system which needs constant development and nourishment through meaningful contribution from us as individuals.

Our objective is therefore to enable the involvement of students of SIBM-Bengaluru in activities that are related to social awareness and personal development and also to project the institute as a socially responsible one.

These events and drives not only prove to be rewarding experiences to us as students but also makes us humble as human beings.

Our committee thus, facilitates activities and drives related to

  • Environment and cleanliness
  • Rural Aid
  • Community service and social awareness
  • Corporate CSR Engagements
  • Personal skill development

Some of the endeavours of our committee are:


Symbriksha is an initiative conducted by SIBM to spread awareness about the importance of tree plantation. The main motive for this endeavor is to imbibe the culture of tree plantation and tree maintenance in order to make our environment a green environment. It also provides an opportunity for the students to interact with corporates to foster a sense of team spirit while planting trees and also make them aware of the importance of a green city.


One need not have many resources to help someone. A simple act of kindness can go a long way in saving not just one, maybe many lives. One such act is giving blood, the life that we carry in our veins. You save three lives by donating only one unit of blood. We support this act of kindness every year on 31st July.


The flagship event of our committee, Utthaan, aims to promote positive relationships for underprivileged and orphaned children and encourage each child’s sense of individual worth. The event also aims at fostering a learning environment for the children whilst providing a platform for them to showcase their innate talent and abilities to the outside world. The interaction with these children, on our campus, aims at making the day memorable for them.

As a tribute to those who suffered the terrifying ordeal of the terrorist activities that took place in Mumbai on 26th November, we in association with JZAA-dramatics club, conduct a street play at Forum Mall.


It is an annual fundraising platform, through which endowment raised is forwarded to a Non-Governmental Organization. It focuses on encouraging young philanthropists and participants from professional institutions to raise the helping aid. This year we raised funds for “Make A Difference”, an NGO helping underprivileged children across India stand up on their feet.


Old is Gold is a bi-annual old-clothes-donation drive which takes place in the month of March and November wherein the students donate their old clothes, blankets and footwear to an NGO “Goonj”.


India@75 which is an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) identified Volunteerism as the main channel of connect and volunteers as the foot soldiers for achieving the vision objectives of India@75. SIBM Bengaluru took up the initiative of volunteering at the NGO- Seva in Action, to give back to the community and to help the less fortunate.

E-Waste and Paper Recycling drive

Last year we started with a new initiative of collecting electronic waste. This was in lines of the already ongoing paper recycling drive. Electronic products are made up of constituents like lead, nickel, mercury etc. which if not disposed of in a right manner can impact our environment. We have associated ourselves with Attero, India’s largest e-waste management company with NASA recognized technology innovator.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national campaign launched by the Government of India, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. On similar lines, we wanted to take up work that will help us contribute to the cause. Last year we had a lake cleanliness drive to associate with the larger mission of a cleaner India.


Coordinator: Himani Patel

Email:          Mobile: +91-9408766762

Senior Members
Himani Patel
Apurva Pokhriyal
Ayushi Khandelwal
Jaydeep Moharana
Rohit Gupta
Deepayan Ghosh
Sanjna C
Akshay Lalwani

Primary Objective:

The primary objective of the SWSC Committee is to address and effectively solve various student related matters. SWSC is a bridge between students and authorities. The committee has to maintain a balance between student’s demands/problems and feasibility of solution provided by authorities.

There are three prominent areas which come under the purview of this committee. These are:

Functioning of the Hostel/ Campus: Developing a suitable system in which complaints of students with respect to hostel/campus infrastructure will be attended to by the maintenance staff within one working day. Taking care of the needs of the students and making suggestions to the management based on the same.

Functioning of the Mess/Cafeteria: Since food is the most primitive form of comfort, SWSC will strive hard to improve the quality and taste of food served in the mess and cafeteria. Complaints of students related to the mess facilities will be considered and appropriate steps for solving them will be taken. Quality checks in the mess and cafeteria will be done on regular basis. Infrastructure of Mess, Cafeteria and Water requirements will be taken care of as well.

Maintaining Discipline and Decorum in the College Premises: SWSC believes in: No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline”. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment and self-discipline is one of the key ingredients of success in life. So we try to imbibe the feeling of accountability into the students by showcasing that they are responsible in all ways for upholding the reputation of the Institute through their actions.

Secondary Objective:

To develop unity and integrity among students. As students belong to different states, countries, cultures and religions, various on-campus events will be conducted, which will represent different Indian/International festivals. These events will make students aware of customs of others. Together we will celebrate festivals to get united and know each other better. Various events- Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri Puja, Gurpurab Langar, Christmas, Lohri, Holi, etc. had already been slotted for this purpose. Others can be added as per requirement.

Coordinator: Sumit Gattani          Mobile: +91-7588951823


Senior Members
Sumit Gattani
Himanshu Gulati
Palak Lohia
Divya Madnani
Rachna Srivastava
Rahul S
Aditya Balan
Rushil Mehta