Student Committees

Lokendra Singh Rathore Student President

Batch 2016-18

Harvey Mackay once said that “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline”, leadership is the same way.
SIBM Bengaluru has been a wonderful leadership learning lab where I have gathered the skills and knowledge to help embellish the institution and the people around me. Over the past one year, I have seen my headway as a leader, but most importantly, I have met my real self. The opportunities I have received just by being involved are priceless and I could not be more beholden for what this great institution has offered me.

Rachna Bansal Student Vice President

Batch 2016-18

SIBM Bengaluru has made me learn to take the ownership and responsibility of my work. But the most important lesson I learned was, to remain motivated as there were a plethora of areas to be explored which made me push myself even harder, to achieve the higher benchmark. As time passed by, I became confident in decision making and comfortable with the heavy workload. It fills my heart to say that I got this opportunity to lead the Students Leadership Council. I will try my best to take it to new heights.