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The Social Responsibility Committee’s flagship event, UTTHAAN, is designed to provide children with opportunities to learn, acquire new skills, and gain knowledge. The event takes place on campus and offers a wide range of activities that are meant to nurture, inspire, and entertain the kids.

This year, approximately 140 children participated in the event. The day started with a warm welcome for the little ones and ended with a positive note, as the volunteers were privileged to witness the bright and smiling faces of the children. The event not only ensured the safety of the kids but also allowed the volunteers to make new friends who inspired them to work selflessly for the betterment of the children’s well-being. The volunteers engaged the kids in various activities, including dance, drama, singing, and games.

The children were given a platform to showcase their talents, and they didn’t disappoint. They made several craft items that were ultimately sold to the students. This platform helped the children discover their inner talent and instilled in them a skillful and resourceful attitude.

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