Rasika Wanganekar emerged as one of the top 5 winners in an article writing competition organised by IIM Udaipur

An article writing competition was arranged by supply chain club of IIM Udaipur as a part of “Supply Chain Management Summit 2017" which happened on February 5th,2017. Operations in the recent times have received the necessary impetus owing to the emergence of new connected technologies, dependence on logistics and changing global landscape. So competition theme was to capture these changing trends through the supply chain and logistics perspective.

Total 160 registrations were received, out of which 25 entries were accepted. Out of 25 entries, top 10 articles were selected by the team and further, they were reviewed and evaluated by distinguished professors of operations department at IIM Udaipur. Finally, top 5 articles were rewarded based on the novelty of ideas, rigour in the analysis and feasibility of ideas.

The article is awarded e-certificate and a cash prize of Rs 3000.