MBA(QF) Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes & Graduate Attributes


PO1 Develop a strong sense of ethics and an understanding of sustainability practices through immersive learning techniques, applicable to self, the corporate environment and society
PO2 Develop analytical capabilities through interactive and participative learning methods that utilize a blend of diverse technologies

applicable to self, the corporate environment and society

PO3 Achieve mastery of concepts and the use of analytics in the domain of corporate finance, financial management-concepts and practices as well as banking and financial services
PO4 Attain deeper understanding of analytical tools and techniques in portfolio management, derivatives, management of fixed income instruments as well as financial practices in international markets
PO5 Achieve mastery in applying quantitative analytics to problem solving, thereby graduating as well-rounded financial analytics professionals, ready to take on global challenges in the finance domain


GA1 Scholarship: research, inquiry and lifelong learning
GA2 Global citizenship: ethical, social and professional understanding
GA3 Eco-literate: sensitivity towards a sustainable environment
GA4 Employability: equipped with skills, attributes, leadership and entrepreneurial
qualities that society needs; being capable of making a contribution to society
through earning a living