The main objective of the MBA programme in Family Managed Business and Entrepreneurship is to enhance the managerial skills for the new generation in family managed business and new entrepreneurs by providing them with World-class academic environment, Dynamic and contemporary course content that is constantly benchmarked against the course contents of top-rated institutes across the world.

The thoughtfully designed programme covers all functional aspects of business by including courses on Evolution of Family Managed Business, Professionalization of family business, Funding, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Lean start up, Design thinking, conflict and negotiation, leadership challenges, technology in business, taxation etc. along with various general management subjects.

Exclusive emphasis on data analytics using SPSS, Tableau and Python aims at sharpening the data driven decision making skills of the future business leaders. Through this programme SIBM Bengaluru envisions the transformation of aspiring young entrepreneurs into future business leaders who create economic and social impact.

Curriculum design is enhanced and benchmarked through the use of Harvard Business School cases and simulations. Expertise of the faculty and the innovative pedagogy ensure the delivery of the content that meet world class standards.

Need for such a program

The next generation leadership in family owned businesses should be equipped with the ability to understand the requirements of ever changing business environment along with skillful implementation of strategies to take their businesses to greater heights. This would require a thorough understanding of various functional areas in business management.
Aspiring entrepreneurs who may be part of a family managed business or who want to strike out on their own are also expected to have this comprehensive understanding of business scenario for commercializing their business ideas into successful products and services.
While the long term growth focus and leadership stability help family businesses to outpace other businesses in financial performance in terms of stronger revenue growth, higher operating margins and better cash-flow returns, it requires to sustain this momentum and that can happen only with relentless participation of the next generation in the existing businesses for further growth with a modern and a professional outlook.
Given that the number of startups in India is expected to nearly quadruple from 3,100 in 2014 to over 11,500 by 2020, it becomes absolutely imperative to ensure the provision of a professional ecosystem for accelerating the growth in this competitive arena.

Who can enrol to this program

Any person currently a member of a family that is running its own business or any person who aspires to become an entrepreneur can look at enrolling to this program.