MBA (Executive) - Part Time's Testimonials

Mr. Jayesh Dubey
MBA (Executive) - Part Time -
Vice President
ByDesign Velankani Group
“The MBA (EE) Programme from SIBM is a milestone of my life, which has changed not just my career profile but my whole approach towards life. Getting the academic rigor by fantastic faculty members backed by world renowned SIU, interaction with top management from industry and a class full of variety of profiles from the cross section of top notch companies as class mates, the MBA (EE) program from SIBM provided a perfect platform to enhance my knowledge and take my career to the next level by filling in the gap which I always felt was there after my graduation.”

Mr. Rajesh Tovinakere
MBA (Executive) - Part Time -
Program Manager - Product Development
Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
“Today’s competitive work environment moves at a fast pace. We need to be agile and fast paced. The SIBM MBA (EE) Programme gave me the tools for my toolkit that allow me to understand customer problems and provide them business solutions. The most valuable experience that I gained in my time during the MBA (EE) programme is knowledge from industry experts and college professors who have in-depth knowledge in global markets. The institution is highly professional and their facilities are highly regarded. The institute helped me build relationships with friends and colleagues that will boost my career and my personal life for years to come."

Mr. Rajesh Gupta
MBA (Executive) - Part Time -
Director, WW Alliance
"The MBA (EE) programme helped me to grow both professionally and personally by enhancing my management and business skills. The SIBM emphasis on teamwork allows for thought-provoking exchanges with fellow students who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

Mr. Bimlesh Gundurao
MBA (Executive) - Part Time -
AGUAI Solutions
“MBA(EE) @ SIBM-B, changed the world around me. I was a Sr. Professional from the Industry having reached heights. I joined the programme with an open mind and I guess that made the biggest difference. The infrastructure and ease of collaborating with the Institute made it very special to help us settle for the long haul of the programme. The Institute is a great Listener that works on the feedback of the students as they strongly believe that the Campus is a student-led campus. The entire learning experience with strong case study based approach helped us to connect and apply the Theory Concepts to the real world challenges that organisations face. At the end of the day, the programme will only set up you up for a new journey. It’s up to us as students to start the journey and make something out of it which is memorable and enjoyable.”