Author Guidelines

  • The case should be original and on a business management situation. The case can be related to a business/ management situation in any management discipline.
  • The case can be based on either primary or secondary research with proper referencing throughout the document. The case needs to be backed by appropriate background information and cited sources.
  • The case should be accompanied with a well drafted teaching note.
  • The authors need to get approval from the organization, if it is applicable for their cases. The Approval form signed by the authorized representative of the organization needs to be submitted for publication of the case.
  • The case should not have been published anywhere else. The authors need to send the signed declaration form with the case.
  • The case should not have been published anywhere else. The authors need to send the signed Declaration form with the case.
  • Case research articles may also be considered for publication including articles using case study methodology, case teaching etc.
  • The length of the case/case article should be 3000-  5000 words, including exhibits, footnotes and references.
  • Case/teaching note/article should have a title page which should comprise of the Title, author names and affiliation, address, contact number of all the authors and email Ids of the authors. The corresponding author should be marked with asterisk*. Author names should not appear anywhere else in the document.
  • Teaching notes should be 3000-5000 words, and consist of a case summary/synopsis/abstract, learning objectives, assignment questions, suggested readings, teaching plan, and analysis.
  • Case research article should have an abstract of 250-300 words followed by 5-7 keywords and appropriate JEL classification codes.
  • The case and teaching note should be compulsorily checked for spelling and grammar. Please use British spellings.
  • For the case/ article title, use 14-size Times New Roman font, Bold, Sentence case formatting. For the main headings in the case, use 12-size Times New Roman font, bold.For subheadings, use 12-size Times New Roman font, bold and Italics.The body text should be in 12-size Times New Roman with single spacing. The footnotes should be in 9-size Times New Roman, italics for footnotes. Copyright statement should be in 8-size Times New Roman, italics. Exhibits should be in 10-size Times New Roman.
  • Cases should be written in past tense and teaching note may be written in present tense. Active voice is preferable.
  • Case should be substantiated with Exhibits. Mention the source of exhibits appropriately. All the exhibits should be put at the end of the case/teaching note. They should be in black and white. The exhibits should be in the table format or in spreadsheet format so that it is possible to edit. They should be numbered in roman letters like Exhibit I, Exhibit II etc. and should have a title. In the teaching note, please number them with a prefix TN like TN Exhibit I.
  • References should follow APA style for case study/case research articles.

Plagiarism Policy: We follow a strict Plagiarism Policy. Each case submission is checked with our dedicated software (Turnitin) to prevent any unethical practice.

Manuscript Submission

Soft copy of the cases/ research articles in Microsoft Word format has to be sent by email to