Extra and Co-curricular activities

Extracurricular and co curricular activities at the institute are organized by various student driven committees and clubs at SIBM B.

There are 12 student driven committees which have been involved in all important activities at the institute ranging from admissions to placements. Following are the list of these committees;

1.      Academic Programme Committee

2.      Alumni Committee

3.      Conference and Events Committee

4.      Extra Curricular Activities

5.      International Relations Committee

6.      Corporate Relations and Placements Committee

7.      Public Relations and Media Committee

8.      Admissions and IT Committee

9.      Research Committee

10.  Social Responsibility Committee

11.  Social Welfare and Disciplinary Committee

12.  Corporate Sponsorship Committee


Apart from these committees there are 9 clubs which are functioning at the institute. These clubs organize various curricular and extracurricular activities for the students. Following are the various clubs;

  1. Hippocampus - The Creatives Club 
  2. PRISyM The Marketing Club
  3. Investment Club
  4. Ensemble The HR club
  5. SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters club
  6. Music Club
  7. Jhankaar"- The Dance Club
  8. Jzaa - The Dramatics Club
  9. Sports Council
 For details of Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities follow the  url  http://sibmbengaluru.blogspot.in/search/label/Events